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Of Government.

tures, and then afterwards divides them into three ranks, 1. Cattle, or ſuch creatures as were or might be tame, and ſo be the private poſſeſſion of particular men ; 2. חיה which, ver. 24, and 25. in our Bible, is tranſlated beaſts, and by the Septuagint θηףίχ, wild beaſts, and is the ſame word, that here in our text, ver. 28. where we have this great charter to Adam, is tranſlated living thing, and is alſo the ſame word uſed, Gen. ix. 2. where this Grant is renewed to Noah, and there likewiſe tranſlated beaſt. 3. The third rank were the creeping animals, which ver. 24, and 25. are compriſed under the word, חךמּשת, the fame that is uſed here, ver. 28. and is tranſlated moving, but in the former verſes creeping, and by the Septuagint in all theſe places, έρπετά, or reptils ; from whence it appears, that the words which we tranſlate here in God's donation, ver. 28. living creatures moving, are the ſame, which in the hiſtory of the creation, ver. 24, 25. ſignify two ranks of terreſtrial creatures, viz. wild beaſts and reptils, and are ſo underſtood by the Septuagint.

§. 26. When God had made the irrational animals of the world, divided into three kinds, from the places of their habitation, viz. fiſhes of the ſea, fowls of the air, and living creatures of the earth, and theſe again into cattle, wild beaſts, and reptils, he conſiders of making man, and the dominion he ſhould have over the terreſtrial world, ver. 26. and