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Of Government.

then he reckons up the inhabitants of theſe three kingdoms, but in the terreſtrial leaves out the ſecond rank חיה or wild beaſts: but here, ver. 28. where he actually exerciſes this deſign, and gives him this dominion, the text mentions the fiſhes of the ſea, and fowls of the air, and the terreſtrial creatures in the words that ſignify the wild beaſts and reptils, though tranſlated living thing that moveth, leaving out cattle. In both which places, though the word that ſignifies wild beaſts be omitted in one, and that which ſignifies cattle in the other, yet, ſince God certainly executed in one place, what he declares he deſigned in the other, we cannot but underſtand the ſame in both places, and have here only an account, how the terreſtrial irrational animals, which were already created and reckoned up at their creation, in three diſtinct ranks of cattle, wild beaſts, and reptils, were here, ver. 28. actually put under the dominion of man, as they were deſigned, ver. 26. nor do theſe words contain in them the leaſt appearance of any thing that can be wreſted to ſignify God's giving to one man dominion over another, to Adam over his poſterity.

§. 27. And this further appears from Gen. ix. 2. where God renewing this charter to Noah and his ſons, he gives them dominion over the fowls of the air, and the fiſhes of the ſea, and the terreſtrial creatures, expreſſed by