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` goq Cem ruled and adjudged in the ‘ 095- ‘ y I °`~ " `° April Term, 1 79 5.

 [ ` Prefent, Parrnasou aud Pinus, yiyfims

B Vnmonunb Lgee- wrpo Doaunea. i . I/&3,'I'l·lIS was a eaufe of great exy»e£i;ation, involving feveral Iz important quellnons of oonlhtutional law, in relation .• •dne eontroverfy the States of Pm;/'ylvnmo 3. 4 6fZ aaa Aida?] a maliahmlr coutgnlued for at 5 ilays., , te ° t 0 wing argeto _c ury

  1. ,7 gfull Eceview of all the important fails aud princi:

R tlut had occurred during the difcullionghcl Rik of this 4 _ rrrnsom, Having arrived at a _ ge long and in ` ' g caufe it now becomes the duty of the

 to fum up the evidehee, and to declare_ the law ariling

. I 0'l¢'·¤ponit. A mafsoftdlimonyhnbem broughtforward inthe tg 34$,Eourl`e yhe tgal, thl; fa; greatfer Par; of _whrcl:l rsraltogegjher . - unmatena an can o no uem ormm a eeuou. e_ Jia great poings, on which the caufe turns, are if a legal nature; X are quekions of law ; and, therefore, for the fake of the_ parties, as well as for my own fake, they ought to be put in a · 3 73. train for ultimate adjudication by the Supreme Court. In the R I 3 adminillration of jullice it is a confolatory idea, that no opinion • 7 • of a lingle judge can be final and decilive; but that the fame j [[6, may be remoued before the higheit tribunal for revilion, where, ‘ z94_ it will bc refhlied. For the fake of cleamefs, [ 2907 ut. The ride ofthe pnamzaa d. The title of the defendant. 6-/ 4 • 2 _ /6 gr. ` I. Tbr Til]: gflb: Plainifi _ /7;: In deducing the title, the plaintiff exhibited: ` r. The charter or grant from Cb. 2. to W'IIiam Perm. The J6 a' lands in tgeftion lie within the limits of this bharter. 2. *A ed from the Six Nation: to Tlzomar andkiclmrd Perm. 'i`0 this deed a map is annexed and made part of it, by which ‘ rhe land conveyed is accurately delineated, or laid. down. This mode of procedure is eminently juli and laudable; it furnilhes a precedent, which, as far as pollible, ought, to be obferved in, ’ F b every