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A80 Cam ruled and adjudged in the lfgg. The followinqqonler was made :-Br me Coun. Ir inr- lrast Jeni, that the aintilf in this caufe do filebia declaration on or before the iirfl: day of March next. Onlmd, that certified eopiea of the faid declaration be ferv- edon the Governorand Attorn? Generalof the_State of Gm- gia, on or before the iirfi day o fume next. Ordered, that unlefa the {aid State flull either in due form ap- pear, orfhew eaufe to the contratlfin this Court, by the iirfl: day of neat Term, judgment by alt (ball be entered againll: the {aid State.•

lfllglfp TCIDI, I .

1[A HE Coun being met a commilliou appointing WtLx.1r.

Pnnnaou, one of ihe juiticee, bearingdate the 4th of ‘ arab, 1793, was read; and he was qualified according to law.{ ‘

  • In hbruagy Term, t7q4, judgrnent wu rendered for the

Ylaintifl`, and a Writ of Enquiry awarded. The Writ, however, was not fued out and executed; fo that thin eaufe, and all the other fnira againli States, were fxvept at once from the Records of the Court, by the amendment to the Federal Conllitutioo, agreeably to the unanimous determination of the judges, in lbllingrwarrb u ol. av. f Wrginia, argued at Rbruag; Term, 1798. 1- judge PA·rn•¤¤'a appointment was in the room of Mr. justice johnson, who had religneu. The Malignant Fever, which during this year, raged in the City of Philadelphia, dnfperfed the great body of itainhabitanta, and proved fatal to thoufanda, interrupted, likewiie, the bulinrfa •f the Courts ; andl cannot trace, that any important eaufe was agitated in the prefent Term. If,. Tu: END or me SECOND VOLUME. U

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