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I N D E X. -—-¤$—· ABANDONMENT. attmimuieponneenupaam The remedy is on the original cont SN !¢N*'*- IDG- 134. 5. 6;. Adion for mon: had and reeeivcd ACTION. vrhereit will lie. T 15x. An aéion will lie for mefne proline, WHERE the proceeds of a Prize iitcr = recovery in ejeément, though are in the hands of the Mor- UN Phhlif has ENS ¤¤¤V¤y¢•‘l thc hall, the parties entitled to the money, |lf¤Ilifd by dccd with [pedal warran- may either have a libel in the Adm;. ty to the Defend; r. z56 hlty, or an aétion at law, for money In what cake an t&S¤¤ at common hd and received. 37 law may, or may not, be brought, for An adion liar money had and re- matte! originally ariing onthe high eesveamne ure ofthe Plaintil wsu fw- Ur- ¤6¤ to nc. Iwt lic, where there is no privity be- All Iaitll of Inidihlu 43;];. tween him and the Defendant,not·any will lie againh Eaecnton, to recover ¢omra&, exprefsor implied. 54. 5. the urdivcfrgflr of III dhte, ofwhiei The dil}in&ion is cilabliihed be the Tellatorhadwrongfully pollefsed tween an aéion of Trover, Detinne, himfelf. X16. 7. 8. g. orReplevin,forfpcciEc propert;·(whieh Wh¢!l1¤' ¤ l>•¤~l for the perfor- the true owner may recover from any mance of eerzain conditions, is wiehin perfon, who is in polfellion of it) md thc ad: which cmpowenan dignee eg money, the medium of commerce, f¤¢i¤hi$ 0W¤ ¤l|¤¢· loo. which can never be the fubjeét of con- An action for a ‘1'•rteannotbemain· trovcrfy, whether it really helongs to ¤i¤¤d hy the amguces of a hmkrnyg. the perlbn who pays it, or another. ::3. H 5_ An aélion for money had and re- How far the Court will countenance ccivcd, &•:. cannot be maintained, ggiqmgf nmdu-, 59 5°_ without proof that the Defendant had A 'hgfpgfe which might be made actually received money to tbe Plai¤• the foundation of an action of Trovr r, till`s ufe before the a&ion was brought. is fairly within the Legillutive cxctp— 442. tion from the jurildidion of juftices of ln an action againit the Govemor the Peace. gg;. of Guadaloupc, fur an injury done ig Whether an action of Trnver mill that lfland. the Defendant a:::r arg::~ lie fur a {hip and cargo takcn on the ment, was held to b¤iL 247. feas—qmy. 8;. z. 3. 4. 5, Whcthcr Tenant bythe cureefy em Au inltrumenr taken in the Admi. maintain a writ nf partition 2;;. rally, tho' void as a ilipulmion, may A pcrfnn difchargcd ae an Tnfpieeng lac good asa contract ; and .1 {pwial ec- Debtor, cannot maintain an aéion in tion of alliimplit or an :..}ion of deh: hia own name [or a debt pr:vicu£y· will lie upon it. nz. 3. 4. due 275- Fnr wha: debts, an aéliim of debt See .Pra0i.·:. hier:} Court;. maybe hiou ht at common law. X: . i An aéticugcxmnoz bu maintained nix ADDH-IGN' 1{`emnd Bill of Exchange, thc lirll; of 3;, 9,,;;,,,.,, t ne fut lacing returned to the crfon re- _- ' - mitting it on account of guutis, with zi ADlvHR‘A*'TY· Pap ‘