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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-532-OCT. 25, 1988 "Sec. 16. Administrative procedure; judicial review, "(a) District court review. "(b) Review by Court of Appeals. "(c) Jurisdiction of district courts. "(d) Notice of judgments. "Sec. 17. Imports and exports. "(a) Pesticides and devices intended for export. "(b) Cancellation notices furnished to foreign governments. "(c) Importation of pesticides and devices. "(d) Ciooperation in international efforts. "(e) Regulations. "Sec. 18. Exemption of Federal and State agencies. "Sec. 19. Storage, disposal, transportation, and recall. "(a) Storage, disposal, and transportation. "(1) Data requirements and registration of pesticides. "(2) Pesticides. "(3) Containers, rinsates, and other materials. "(b) Recalls. "(1) In general. "(2) Voluntary recall. "(3) Mandatory recall. "(4) Recall procedure. "(5) Contents of recall plan. "(6) Requirements or procedures. ' "(c) Storage costs. "(1) Submission of plan. "(2) Reimbursement. "(d) Administration of storage, disposal, transportation, and recall programs. "(1) Voluntary agreements. "(2) Rule and regulation review. "(3) Limitations. "(4) Seizure and penalties. "(e) Container design. "(1) Procedures. "(2) Compliance. "(f) Pesticide residue removal. "(1) Procedures. "(2) Compliance. "(3) Solid Waste Disposal Act. "(g) Pesticide container study. "(1) Study. "(2) Report. "(h) Relationship to Solid Waste Disposal Act. "Sec. 20. Research and monitoring. "(a) Research. "(b) National monitoring plan. "(c) Monitoring. "Sec. 21. Solicitation of comments; notice of public hearings. "(a) Secretary of Agriculture. "(b) Views. "(c) Notice. "Sec. 22. Delegation and cooperation. "(a) Delegation. "(b) Cooperation. "Sec. 23. State cooperation, aid, and training. "(a) Cooperative agreements. "(b) Contracts for training. "(c) Information and education. "Sec. 24. Authority of States, "(a) In general. "(b) Uniformity. "(c) Additional uses. "Sec. 25. Authority of Administrator. "(a) In General. "(1) Regulations. "(2) Procedure. "(3) Congressional committees. "(4) Congressional review of regulations. "(b) Exemption of pesticides. "(c) Other authority. "(d) Scientific advisory panel.

102 STAT. 2687