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PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 104 STAT. 1227 to make grsuits to Head Start agencies to carry out such early childhood intervention programs. "(B)(i) Such early childhood intervention programs shall be designed— "(I) to enhance the development of children who are less than 3 years of age; and "(II) to strengthen the family unit by providing opportunities for increasing the child development skills and knowledge of their parents. "(ii) Such early childhood intervention programs shall provide comprehensive services (such as social, health, and educational services) to low-income families with children who are less than 3 years of age. Such programs may provide such services to any eligible family during any period of time and may be center-based, home-based, or a combination of both. "(C) Funds reserved under subparagraph (A) for a fiscal year shall be allotted as follows: "(i) For Indian and migrant early childhood intervention programs, the Secretary shall allot the amount that represents the same proportion as such programs collectively received of the funds appropriated under section 639 for fiscal year 1990. "(ii)(I) Subject to subclause (II) and after making the allotment under clause (i), the Secretary shall allot the remainder of such funds among the States in the same proportion as funds are allotted among the States under paragraph (5), except that the amount allotted for each State shall not be less than $200,000 or the amount that represents the same proportion of the funds appropriated under section 639 for fiscal year 1990 that were allotted for such State and used to carry out early childhood intervention programs, whichever is greater. "(II) In any fiscal year for which such remainder is insufficient to allot the minimum amount required by subclause (I), the Secretary shall reduce ratably the minimum allotment required by such subclause. "(D) The Secretary may not make a grant under this paragraph to a Head Start agency for a fiscal year unless— "(i) such agency certifies that carrying out the early childhood intervention program for which such grant is requested will not reduce services provided by such agency to children who participate in other programs provided by such agency under this subchapter; and "(ii) such agency certifies that to the mELsimum extent practicable, it will provide continuous service to children who receive services under this paragraph through compulsory school age, either through the early childhood intervention programs authorized by this paragraph or through other Head Start programs. "(E) For purposes of this paragraph, the term 'low-income family' means a family that satisfies the eligibility requirements applicable under section 645(a).", and (6) in paragraph (6), as so redesignated by paragraph (4)— (A) by inserting "the Commonwealth of before "the Northern Mariana", and (B) by striking "or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and inserting "the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Palau". Disadvantaged persons. Indians.