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PUBLIC LAW 101-501—NOV. 3, 1990 104 STAT. 1235 "(B) a description of the types and condition of facilities in which such programs are located; "(C) the types of organizations that receive Head Start funds under such programs; and "(D) the number of children served under each program option; "(11) the information contained in the documents entitled 'Program Information Report' and 'Head Start Cost Analyses System' (or any document similar to either), prepared with respect to Head Start programs; and "(12) a description of the types of services provided to children and their families, both on-site and through referrals, including health, mental health, dental care, parenting education, physicial fitness, and literacy training. Promptly after submitting such report to the Committee on Education and Labor of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Labor and Human Resources of the Senate, the Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register a notice indicating that such report is available to the public and specifying how such report may be obtained.". SEC. 120. STUDY OF HEAD START PARTICIPANTS. (a) LONGITUDINAL STUDY REQUIRED.— The Head Start Act is amended by inserting after section 651 (42 U.S.C. 9846) the following: "SEC. 651A. LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF HEAD START PARTICIPANTS. "(a) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall conduct, through gremts or contracts made or entered into with persons that have the qualifications specified in paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (b), a longitudinal study of the effects that the participation in Head Start programs has on the development of participants and their families and the manner in which such effects are achieved. "(b) ADVISORY PANEL. — In carrying out the study required by subsection (a), the Secretary shall establish an advisory panel to provide advice and guidance to the Secretary, and to the individuals who carry out such study, concerning the design and execution of such study. Such panel shall be composed of— "(1) individuals who have— "(A) expertise in the current operation of Head Start programs; "(B) professional backgrounds in child development and related fields; and "(C) experience in the evaluation of Head Start programs or comparable programs; and "(2) individuals who have expertise in designing and executing large-scale longitudinal studies. "(c) CHILDREN AND FAMILIES TO BE STUDIED.—The study required by subsection (a) shall follow the progress of children and their families— "(1) who have attended Head Start programs (including Parent-Child Centers) that are in compliance with Head Start Performance Objectives; "(2) who represent specific subpopulations, including children from dysfunctional families; and Federal Register, publication. Public information. 42 USC 9846a. Grant programs. Government contracts.