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104 STAT. 1388-122 PUBLIC LAW 101-508 —NOV. 5, 1990 42 USC 1395nn note. 42 USC 1395nn note. "(6) INVESTOR.— The term 'investor' means, with respect to an entity, a person with a financial relationship specified in subsection (a)(2) with the entity.". (2) EXEMPTION FOR FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH HOSPITAL UNRELATED TO THE PROVISION OF CUNICAL LABORATORY SERV- ICES. —Section 1877(b) is amended by redesignating paragraph (4) as paragraph (5) and by inserting after paragraph (3) the following new paragraph: "(4) HOSPITAL FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIP UNRELATED TO THE PROVISION OF CLINICAL LABORATORY SERVICES.—In the CaSO of a financial relationship with a hospital if the financial relationship does not relate to the provision of clinical laboratory services.". (3) REVISION OF REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. —Section 1877(f) (42 U.S.C. 1395nn(f)) is amended— (A) by amending paragraph (2) to read as follows: "(2) the names and unique physician identification numbers of all physicians with an ownership or investment interest (as described in subsection (a)(2)(A)) in the entity, or whose immediate relatives have such an ownership or investment."; (B) in the third sentence, by striking "1 year after the date of the enactment of this section" and inserting "October 1, 1991"; and (C) by adding at the end the following new sentences: "The requirement of this subsection shall not apply to covered items and services provided outside the United States or to entities which the Secretary determines provides services for which payment may be made under this title very infrequently. The Secretary may waive the requirements of this subsection (and the requirements of chapter 35 of title 44, United States Code, with respect to information provided under this subsection) with respect to reporting by entities in a State (except for entities providing clinical laboratory services) so long as such reporting occurs in at least 10 States, and the Secretary may waive such requirements with respect to the providers in a State required to report so long as such requirements are not waived with respect to parenteral and enteral suppliers, end stage renal disease facilities, suppliers of ambulance , services, hospitals, entities providing physical therapy services, and entities providing diagnostic imaging services of any type.". (4) DATE OF ISSUANCE OF REPORTS AND REGULATIONS.—(A) Section 6204 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 is amended by striking subsection (f) and inserting the following: " (f) STATISTICAL SUMMARY OF COMPARATIVE UTILIZATION. —Not later than June 30, 1992, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall submit to Congress a statistical profile comparing utilization of items and services by medicare beneficiaries served by entities in which the referring physician has a direct or indirect financial interest and by medicare beneficiaries served by other entities, for the States and entities specified in section 1877(f) of the Social Security Act (other than entities providing clinical laboratory services).". (B) Section 6204(d) of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 is amended by striking "October 1, 1990" and inserting "October 1, 1991".