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PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4679 Government contracts. "(B) STRATEGY REQUIRED.— A jurisdiction shall be eligible to receive a grant only if it has obtained an approved housing strategy (or an approved abbreviated housing strategy) in accordance with section 105 of the Cranston-Gronzalez National Affordable Housing Act. "(C) USE OF PROJECT SPONSORS. —A grantee shall carry out activities authorized under this subsection through contracts with project sponsors, except that a grantee that is a State shall obtain the approval of the unit of general local government for the locality in which a project is to be located prior to entering into such contracts. "(2) ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES. — The amounts approved in appropriations Acts under section 408 shall be allocated in accordance with a formula established under section 404. "(b) EuGiBLE ACTIVITIES. —Grants under this title shall be available only for approved activities. Approved activities shall include— "(1) the provision of assistance to help very low-income families avoid becoming homeless in accordance with section 411; "(2) the development of emergency shelters for the homeless in accordance with section 412; "(3) the development of transitional housing to facilitate the transition of homeless persons to independent living in accordance with section 413; "(4) the development of permanent housing for homeless persons with disabilities in accordance with section 414; "(5) the provision of assistance to help very low-income families who are residing in emergency shelter or transitional housing make the transition to permanent housing in accordance with section 415; and "(6) such other activities that the Secretary develops in cooperation with grantees in accordance with section 416. The Secretary shall establish standards and guidelines for approved activities. The Secretary shall permit grantees to refine and adapt such standards and guidelines for individual projects, where such refinements and adaptations are made necessary by local circumstances. "(c) LIMITATIONS. — "(1) PREVENTION.— A grantee may use not more than 30 percent of grants allocated under subsection (a) for homelessness prevention activities as defined in section 411. "(2) EMERGENCY ACTIVITIES.— A grantee may use not more than 30 percent of the grants allocated in accordance with subsection (a) for emergency activities as defined in section 412. The Secretary may approve a higher limitation if the grantee demonstrates that other approved activities under this subparagraph are already being carried out in the jurisdiction with other resources. "(d) SRO RENOVATION.—The Secretary shall, to the extent of amounts approved in appropriations Acts for the programs authorized under section 421, provide rental assistance to public housing agencies or other contracting agencies for the renovation of single room occupancy dwellings in accordance with subtitle C. "SEC. 404. ALLOCATION FORMULA. "Subject to section 3030b) of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Regulations. Assistance Amendments Act of 1990, the Secretary shall issue regulations establishing an allocation formula, if any, that reflects each 39-194O-91-10:QL3Part6