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PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4727 grams, and other sites where homeless individuals require services; "(7) case management services, including— "(A) preparing a plan for the provision of community mental health services to the eligible homeless individual involved, and reviewing such plan not less than once every 3 months; "(B) providing assistance in obtaining and coordinating social and maintenance services for the eligible homeless individuals, including services relating to daily living activities, personal financial planning, transportation services, and habilitation and rehabilitation services, prevocational and vocational services, and housing services; "(C) providing assistance to the eligible homeless individual in obtaining income support services, including housing assistance, food stamps, and supplemental security income benefits; "(D) referring the eligible homeless individual for such other services as may be appropriate; and "(E) providing representative payee services in accordance with section 1631(a)(2) of the Social Security Act if the eligible homeless individual is receiving aid under title XVI of such act and if the applicant is designated by the Secretary to provide such services; "(8) supportive and supervisory services in residential settings; "(9) referrals for primary health services, job training, educational services, and relevant housing services; "(10) subject to subsection (h)(1)— "(A) minor renovation, expansion, and repair of housing; "(B) planning of housing; "(C) technical assistance in applying for housing assistance; "(D) improving the coordination of housing services; "(E) security deposits; "(F) the costs associated with matching eligible homeless individuals with appropriate housing situations; and "(G) 1-time rental payments to prevent eviction; and "(11) other appropriate services, as determined by the Secretary. "(c) COORDINATION.— The Secretary may not make payments under section 521 unless the State involved agrees to make grants pursuant to subsection (a) only to entities that have the capacity to provide, directly or through arrangements, the services specified in section 522(b), including coordinating the provision of services in order to meet the needs of eligible homeless individuals who are both mentally ill and suffering from substance abuse. "(d) SPECIAL CONSIDERATION REGARDING VETERANS.— The Secretary may not make payments under section 521 unless the State involved agrees that, in making grants to entities pursuant to subsection (a), the State will give special consideration to entities with a demonstrated effectiveness in serving homeless veterans. "(e) SPECIAL RULES.— The Secretary may not make payments under section 521 unless the State involved agrees that grants pursuant to subsection (a) will not be made to any entity that— "(1) has a policy of excluding individuals from mental health services due to the existence or suspicion of substance abuse; or