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PUBLIC LAW 101-645—NOV. 29, 1990 104 STAT. 4751 community-based services within the community to be served, and that funds provided under this section will be utilized to create new services only to the extent that no other funds can be obtained to fulfill the purpose. "(G) describe how the program will relate to the State and local agencies providing assistance to homeless families, or providing health, nutritional, job training, education, housing and energy assistance, and income maintenance services; "(H) describe the collection and provision of data on groups of individuals and geographic areas to be served, including types of services to be furnished, estimated cost of providing comprehensive services on an average per user basis, t3rpes and natures of conditions and needs to be identified and assisted, and such other information as the Secretary requires; "(I) describe the manner in which the applicant will implement the requirement of section 773; "(J) provide for the establishment of an advisory council that shall provide policy and programming guidance to the eligible entity, consisting of not more than 15 members that shall include— "(i) participants in the programs, including parents; "(ii) representatives of local private industry; "(iii) individuals with expertise in the services the program intends to offer; "(iv) representatives of the community in which the program will be located; "(v) representatives of local government social service providers; "(vi) representatives of local law enforcement agencies; "(vii) representatives of the local public housing agency, where appropriate; and "(viii) representatives of local education providers; "(K) describe plans for evaluating the impact of the program; "(L) include such additional assurances, including submitting necessary reports, as the Secretary may reasonably require; "(M) contain an assurance that if the applicant intends to assess fees for services provided with assistance under this section, such fees shall be nominal in relation to the financial situation of the recipient of such services; and "(N) contain an assurance that amounts received under a grant awarded under this section shall be used to supplement not supplant Federgd, State and local funds currently utilized to provide services of the type described in this section. '(f) ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS.— "(1) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS.—Two percent of the amounts appropriated under this title may be used by the Secretary to administer and evaluate the program established under this title and to provide technical assistance to entities for the development and submission of applications for grants under this section.