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104 STAT. 5296 PROCLAMATION 6142—MAY 25, 1990 9905.84.35 Parts and accessories of vertical turret lathes of subheading 8458.99.10, parts and accessories of honing or lapping machines of subheading 8460.40, and parts of key-cutting machinery (provided for in subheading 8466.93.70] Free (CA) 9905.84.40 Shank straighteners (provided for in subheading 8462.29] Free (CA] 9905.84.45 Parts and accessories of duplicating machines of subheading 8472.10, of pencil sharpeners of subheading 8472.90.40, and of other ofBce machines of subheading 8472.90.80 (provided for in subheading 8473.40.40] Free (CA] 9905.84.50 Barrels and cylinders for plastic processing machines (provided for in subheading 8477.80.00] Free (CA] 9905.84.55 Parts of blow-molding machines of subheading 8477.30, and parts of barrels and cylinders for plastic processing machines (provided for in subheading 8477.90.00] Free (CA) 9905.84.70 Universal joints (provided for in subheading 8483.60.40) Free (CA) 9905.84.75 Parts, other than for clutches, of the goods of subheadings 8483.10.30, 8483.10.50. 8483.60.40, and 8483.60.80 (provided for in subheading 8483.90.80) Free (CA) 9905.85.05 Electric gear motors (provided for in subheadings 8501.33.30, 8501.33.40, 8501.34.30, 8501.51, 8501.53.60 or 8501.53.80) Free (CA) 9905.85.10 Parts of electric motors and generators of subheadings 8501.20, 8501.31, 8501.32.20, 8501.32.60, 8501.61. or 8501.62, and parts of electric gear motors of subheadings 8501.33.30, 8501.33.40, 8501.34.30, 8501.51. 8501.53.60, or 8501.53.80 (provided for in heading 8503.00] Free (CA) 9905.85.15 Auto-transformers having an individual base MVA exceeding 100 MVA but not exceeding 300 MVA, regardless of voltage classification, and transformers, other than autotransformers, having an individual base MVA exceeding 50 MVA but not exceeding 275 MVA, regardless of voltage classification, and transformers exceeding 10,000 kVA having an individual voltage classiflcation of 765 kV or greater (provided for in subheading 8504.23.00] [See section G of this Annex (CA)] 9905.85.20 Bushings and tap changers of auto-transformers or transformers of subheading 9905.85.15 (provided for in subheading 8504.90.00] [See section G of this Annex (CA)] 9905.85.25 Parts of primary cells and primary batteries of subheadings 8506.12 and 8506.13 (provided for in subheading 8506.90.00)... Free (CA) 9905.85.30 Parts of electric storage batteries other than lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries (provided for in subheading 8507.90.80) Free (CA) 9905.85.35 Food grinders and processors (provided for in subheading 8509.40.00] Free (CA) 9905.85.40 Parts of electric soldering irons and guns of subheading 8515.11.00 (provided for in subheading 8515.90.40) Free (CA) 9905.85.45 Transmission apparatus incorporating reception apparatus, other than radio paging devices (provided for in subheading 8525.20) Free (CA) 9905.85.50 Antennas for land mobile transceivers, cellular telephones, or radio and television transmitters, and parts thereof (provided for in subheading 8529.10] Free (CA) 9905.85.55 Parts of apparatus of subheadings 8525.10. 8525.20 (other than radio paging devices). 8525.30. 8527.11. 8527.31. and 8527.32 (provided for in subheading 8529.90] Free (CA) 9905.85.60 Parts of burglar or fire alarms and similar apparatus of subheading 8531.10 and of indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices or light emitting diodes of subheading 8531.20 (provided for in subheading 8531.90) Free (CA) 9905.85.65 Parts of electrical capacitors of subheadings 8532.21, 8532.22, and 8532.30 (provided for in subheading 8532.90.00) Free (CA) 9905.85.70 Parts of signal generators (provided for in subheading 8543.90] Free (CA)