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104 STAT. 5374 PROCLAMATION 6175—SEPT. 6, 1990 — Consider measures which would develop and diversify trade and commercial cooperation. These measures shall include but are not limited to encouraging and supporting contracts and cooperation between businesses of both countries, and examining ways to improve the development of direct contacts between firms established in the United States and Czechoslovakia; —Monitor and exchange views on U,S.-Czechoslovak commercial relations; identify and where possible recommend solutions to issues of interest to both Parties; —Provide a forum for exchanging information in areas of commercial, industrial and technological cooperation, where they have an impact on trade and cooperation; and —Consider other steps which could be taken to facilitate and encourage the growth and development of commercial relations and related economic matters between the two countries. The Commission shall be comprised of two sections, a U.S. section and a Czechoslovak section. Each section shall be composed of a chairman and other government officials as designated by each Party. The Commission shall meet as often as mutually agreed by the Parties, alternatively in Washington and Prague. Appropriate senior-level officials from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Czechoslovak Ministry for Foreign Trade shall act as cochairmen of the Commission, and shall head their respective sections; each section of the Commission shall include other government officials as designated by each Party. The Commission shall work on the basis of mutual agreement. The Commission shall, as necessary, adopt rules of procedure and work programs. The Commission may, as mutually agreed, establish joint working groups to consider specific matters. These working groups shall function in accordance with the instructions of the Commission. Each section shall have an Executive Secretary, named by the chairman, who shall arrange the work of the respective section of the Commission. The Executive Secretary shall arrange the work of the respective section of the Commission, and perform the tasks of an organizational or administrative nature connected with the meetings oi the Commission. The Executive Secretaries shall communicate with each other as necessary to arrange Commission meetings and to perform other functions. Agendas for Commission meetings shall be agreed upon not later than one month prior to the meeting. The meeting shall consider matters included in this agenda, as well as further matters which may be added to the agenda by mutual agreement. The Commission and its working groups shall work on the basis of mutual agreement. Agreed minutes signed by the co-chairmen of the Commission shall be kept for each meeting of the Commission, and shall be made public by each side. The parties shall advise each other whenever measures and recommendations agreed to are subject to subsequent approval of their government.