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PUBLIC LAW 102-73—JULY 25, 1991 105 STAT. 335 "(3) The Interagency Group shall consider the Board's recommendations in planning the goals of the Institute and in the implementation of any programs to achieve such goals. The daily operations of the Institute shall be carried out by the Director. If the Board's recommendations are not followed, the Interagency Group shall provide a written explanation to the Board concerning actions the Interagency Group has taken that includes the Interagency Group's reasons for not following the Board's recommendations with respect to such actions. The Board may also request a meeting with the Interagency Group to discuss the Board's recommendations. "(d) DUTIES.— (1) The Institute is authorized, in order to improve and expand the system for delivery of literacy services, to— "(A) assist appropriate Federal agencies in setting specific objectives and strategies for meeting the goals of this title and in measuring the progress of such agencies in meeting such goals; "(B) conduct basic and applied research and demonstrations on literacy, including— "(i) how adulte learn to read and write and acquire other skills; "(ii) how the literacy skills of parents affect the ability of children to learn literacy skills; "(iii) the assessment of literacy skills and the development of instructional techniques; "(iv) the best methods for assisting adults and families to acquire literacy skills, including the use of technology; "(v) the special literacy needs of individuals with learning disabilities and individuals with limited English proficiency; "(vi) how to effectively reach and teach the most ^ educationally disadvantaged individuals; "(vii) the use of technology and other studies which will increase the literacy knowledge base, use but not duplicate the work of other research services, and build on the efforts of such other research services; and "(viii) how to attract, train, and retrain professional and volunteer teachers of literacy; "(C) assist Federal, State, and local agencies in the development, implementation, and evaluation of policy with respect to literacy by— "(i) establishing a national data base with respect to— "(I) literacy and basic skills programs, including programs in Federal departments. State agencies, and local agencies, and programs that are privately supported through nonprofit entities and for profit entities; "(II) assessment tools and outcome measures; "(III) the amount and quality of basic education provided in the workplace by businesses and industries; and "(IV) progress made toward the national literacy goals; and "(ii) providing technical and policy assistance to government entities for the improvement of policy and programs relating to literacy and the development of model systems ' for implementing and coordinating Federal literacy pro-

grams that can be replicated at the State and local level;