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106 STAT. 4660 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 State of Kansas shall not permit utilization of water from Cedar Blufif Reservoir to irrigate lands in the Smoky Hill River Basin from Cedar Bluff Reservoir to its confluence with Big Creek. SEC. 903. CONTRACT. (a) The Secretary is authorized to enter into a contract with the State of Kansas, accepting a payment of $365,424, and the State's conunitment to pay a proportionate share of the annual operation, maintenance, and replacement charges for the Cedar Bluff Dam and Reservoir, as full satisfaction of reimbursable costs associated with irrigation of the Cedar Bluff Unit, including the Cedar Bluff Irrigation District's obligations under Contract Nimiber 0-07-70-W0064. After the reformulation of the Cedar Bluff Unit authorized by this title, any revenues in excess of operating and maintenance expenses received by the State of Kansasfrt>mthe sale of water from the Cedar Bluff Unit shall be paid to the United States and covered into the Reclamation Fund to the extent that an operation, maintenance and replacement charge or reimbursable capital obligation exists for the Cedar Bluff Unit under Reclamation law. Once all such operation, maintenance and replacement charges or reimbursable obligations are satisfied, any additional revenues shall be retained by the State of Kansas. (b) The Secretary is authorized to transfer title of the buildings, fixtures, and equipment of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service fish hatchery facility at Cedar Bluff Dam, and the related water rights, to the State of Kansas for its use and operation for fish, wildlife, and related piuposes. If any of the property transferred by this subsection to the State of Kansas is subsequently transferred from State ownership or used for any purpose other than those provided for in this subsection, title to such property shall revert to the United States. SEC. 904. TRANSFER OF DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS. The Secretary is authorized to transfer title to all interests in real property, buildings, fixtures, equipment, and tools associated with the Cedar Bluff Irrigation District headquarters located near Hays, Kansas, contingent upon the District's agreement to close down the irrigation system to the satisfaction of the Secretary at no additional cost to the United States, after which all easement rights shall revert to the owners of the lands to which the easements are attached. SEC. 90S. LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION. The transferee of any interest conveyed piu^uant to this title shall assume all liability with respect to such interests and shall indemnify the United States against all such liability. SEC. 906. ADDITIONAL ACTIONS. The Secretary is authorized to take all other actions consistent with the provisions of the Memorandimi of Understanding referred to in section 901 that the Secretary deems necessary to accomplish the reformulation of the Cedar Bluff Unit.