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PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 106 STAT. 4757

    • (4) At the request of a tribe whose preservation program Contracts.

has been approved to assume functions and responsibilities pursuant to paragraph (2), the Secretary shall enter into contracts or cooperative agreements with such tribe permitting the assumption by the tribe of any part of the responsibilities referred to in subsection (b)(6) on tribal land, if— "(A) the Secretary and the tribe agree on additional financial assistance, if any, to the tribe for the costs of carrying out such authorities; (B) the Secretary finds that the tribal historic preservation program has been demonstrated to be sufficient to carry out the contract or cooperative agreement and this Act; and (C) the contract or cooperative agreement specifies the continuing responsibilities of the Secretary or of the appropriate State Historic Preservation OfiEicers and provides for appropriate participation by— "(i) the tribe's traditional cultural authorities; "(ii) representatives of other tribes whose traditional lands are under the jurisdiction of the tribe assuming responsibilities; and "(iii) the interested public. "(5) The Council may enter into an agreement with an Indian tribe to permit undertakings on tribal land to be reviewed under tribal historic preservation regulations in place of review under regulations promulgated by the Council to govern compliance with section 106, if the Council, after consultation with the tribe and appropriate State Historic Preservation OfiElcers, determines that the tribal preservation regulations will afford historic properties consideration equivalent to those afforded by the Council's regulations. (6)(A) Properties of traditional religious and cultural importance to an Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization may be determined to be eligible for inclusion on the National Register. "(B) In carrying out its responsibilities under section 106, a Federal agency shall consult with any Indian tribe or Native Hawaiian organization that attaches religious and cultural significance to properties described in subparagraph (A). "(C) In carrying out his or her responsibilities under subsection Hawaii. (b)(3), the State Historic Preservation Officer for the State of Hawaii shall— "(i) consult with Native Hawaiian organizations in assessing the cultural significance of any property in determining whether to nominate such property to the National Register; "(ii) consult wilii Native Hawaiian organizations in developing the cultural component of a preservation program or plan for such property; and "(iii) enter into a memorandum of understanding or agreement with Native Hawaiian organizations for the assessment of the cultural significance of a property in determining whether to nominate such property to the National Register and to carry out the cultural component of such preservation program or plan.". (b) CONFORMING AMENDMENT.—Section 110(c) of the National Historic Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. 470h-2(c)) is amended by striking "lOKg)" and inserting "lOKh)".