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106 STAT. 4908 PUBLIC LAW 102-582—NOV. 2, 1992 also owns or controls the vessel or facility to which the prohibition applies; or (B) on the date that is ninety days after such person terminates ownership and control in fishing vesselis that are listed on the addendum under section 303(b). SEC. 306. DEFINITIONS. In this title, the following definitions apply: (1) CENTRAL BERING SEA.— The term "Central Bering Sea" means the central Bering Sea area which is more than two hundred nautical miles seaward of the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial seas of the United States and the Russian Federation are measured. (2) FISHING VESSEL.—The term "fishing vessel' means any vessel which is used for— (A) catching, taking, or harvestingfish;or (B) aiding or assisting one or more vessels at sea in the performance of fishing operations, including preparation, supply, storage, refrigeration, transportation, or processing. (3) OWNS OR CONTROLS.—When used in reference to a vessel or processing facility— (A) the term "owns" means holding legal title to the vessel or processing facility; and (B) the term "controls" includes an absolute right to direct the business of the person owning the vessel or processing facility, to limit the actions of or replace the chief executive officer (by whatever title), a mtgority of the board of directors, or any general partner (as applicable) of such person, to direct the transfer or operations of the vessel or processing facility, or otherwise to exercise authority over the business of such person, but the term does not include the right simply to participate in those activities of such person or the right to receive a financial return, such as interest or the equivalent of interest, on a loan or otherfinancingobligation. (4) PERMITTED FISHING VESSEL. —The term "permitted fishing vessel" means any fishing vessel that is subject to a permit issued by the Secretary of Commerce under the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act (16 U.S.CJ. 1801 etseq.). (5) PERSON. —The term "person" means any individual (whether or not a citizen of the United States), any corporation, partnership, association, cooperative, or other entity (whether or not organized under the laws of any State), and any State, local, or foreign government, or any entity of such government or the Federtu Government. (6) PROCESSING FACILITY. — The term "processing facility" means any fish processing establishment or fish processing vessel that receives unprocessed fish. SEC. 307. TERMINATION. This title shall cease to have force and effect after the date that is seven years after the date of enactment of this Act, except that any proceeding with respect to violations of section 302 occurring prior to such termination date shall be conducted as if that section were still in efiect.