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106 STAT. 4602 PUBLIC LAW 102-575—OCT. 30, 1992 Sec. 1601. Short title. V Sec. 1602. General authority. Sec. 1603. Appraisal investigations. Sec. 1604. Feasibility studies. Sec. 1605. Research and demonstration projects. Sec. 1606. Southern California comprehensive water reclamation and reuse study. Sec. 1607. San Jose area water reclamation and reuse program. Sec. 1608. Phoenix metropolitan water reclamation study and program. Sec. 1609. Tucson area water reclamation study. Sec. 1610. Lake Cheraw water reclamation ana reuse study. Sec. 1611. San Francisco area water reclamation study. ^ Sec. 1612. San Diego area water reclamation program. Sec. 1613. Los Angeles area water reclamation and reuse project. Sec. 1614. San Gabriel Basin demonstration project. Sec. 1615. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 1616. Ground water study. Sec. 1617. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XVII—IRRIGATION ON STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION, NORTH DAKOTA Sec. 1701. Irrigation on Standing Rock Indian Reservation. TITLE XVIII—GRAND CANYON PROTECTION Sec. 1801. Short title. Sec. 1802. Protection of Grand Canyon National Park. Sec. 1803. Interim protection of Grand Canyon National Park. Sec. 1804. Glen Canyon Dam environmental impact statement; long-term operation of Glen Canyon Dam. Sec. 1805. Long-term monitoring. Sec. 1806. Rules of construction. Sec. 1807. Studies nonreimbursable. Sec. 1808. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 1809. Replacement power. TITLE XK—MID-DAKOTA RURAL WATER SYSTEM Sec. 1901. Short title. Sec. 1902. Definitions. Sec. 1903. Federal assistance for rural water system. Sec. 1904. Federal assistance for wetland development and enhancement. Sec. 1905. Water conservation. Sec. 1906. Mitigation of fish and wildlife losses. Sec. 1907. Use of Pick-Sloan power. Sec. 1908. Rule of construction. Sec. 1909. Water rights. Sec. 1910. Use of government facilities. Sec. 1911. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XX—LAKE ANDES-WAGNER/MARTY II, SOUTH DAKOTA Sec. 2001. Short title. Sec. 2002. Demonstration program. Sec. 2003. Planning reports—environmental impact statements. Sec. 2004. Authorization of the Lake Andes-Wagner Unit and the Marty II Unit, South Dakota. Sec. 2005. Conditions. Sec. 2006. Indian employment. Sec. 2007. Federal reclamation laws govern. Sec. 2008. Cost sharing. Sec. 2009. Authorization of appropriations. Sec. 2010. Indian water rights. TITLE XXI—RIO GRANDE FLOODWAY, SAN ACACU TO BOSQUE DEL? APACHE UNIT, NEW MEXICO Sec. 2101. Clarification of cost-share requirements. TITLE XXII—SUNNYSIDE VALLEY IRRIGATION DISTRICT, WASHINGTON Sec. 2201. Conveyance to Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District. TITLE XXIII—PLATORO RESERVOIR AND DAM, SAN LUIS VALLEY PROJECT, COLORADO Sec. 2301. Findings and declarations. \'i*' -. 1: