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107 STAT. 2058 PUBLIC LAW 103-182—DEC. 8, 1993 Sec. 306. Compensation authority. Sec. 307. Submission of petitions. Sec. 308. Special tariff provisions for Canadianfreshfruitsand vegetables. Sec. 309. Price-based snapback forfrozenconcentrated orange juice. PART 2—REUEF FROM IMPORTS FROM ALL COUNTRIES Sec. 311. NAFTA article impact in import relief cases under the Trade Act of 1974. Sec. 312. Presidential action regarding NAFTA imports. PART 3—GENERAL PROVISIONS o Sec. 315. Provisional relief. Sec. 316. Monitoring. Sec. 317. Procedures concerning the conduct of International Trade Commission investigations. Sec. 318. Effective date. Subtitle B—Agriculture / Sec. 321. Agriculture. Subtitle C—Intellectual Property Sec. 331. Treatment of inventive activity. ' geographic indications, pictures'in the public domam. Sec. 335. Effective dates. Subtitle D—Temporary Entry of Business Persons Sec. 341. Temporary entry. Sec. 342. Effective date. Subtitle E—Standards PART 1—STANDARDS AND MEASURES Sec. 351. Standards and sanitary and phytosanitary measures. ^ Sec. 352. Transportation. PART 2—AGRICULTURAL STANDARDS Sec. 361. Agricultural technical and conforming amendments. Subtitle F—Corporate Average Fuel Economy Sec. 371. Corporate average fuel economy. Subtitle G—Government Procurement Sec. 381. Government procurement. TITLE IV—DISPUTE SETTLEMENT IN ANTIDUMPING AND COUNTERVAILING DUTY CASES Subtitle A—Organizational, Administrative, and Procedural Provisions Regarding the Implementation of Chapter 19 of the Agreement Sec. 401. References in subtitle. Sec. 402. Organizational and administrative provisions. Sec. 403. Testimony and production of papers in extraordinary challenges. Sec. 404. Requests for review of determinations by competent investigating authorities of NAFTA countries. Sec. 406. Rules of procedure for panels and committees. Sec. 406. Subsidy negotiations. Sec. 407. Identification of industries facing subsidized imports. Sec. 408. Treatment of amendments to antidumping ana countervailing duty law. Subtitle B—Conforming Amendments and Provisions Sec. 411. Judicial review in antidumping duty and countervailing duty cases. Sec. 412. Conforming amendments to other provisions of the Tariff Act of 1930. Sec. 413. Consequential amendment to Free-Trade Agreement Act of 1988. Sec. 414. Conforming amendments to title 28, United States Code. Sec. 415. Effect of termination of NAFTA country status. Sec. 416. Effective date. TITLE V—NAFTA TRANSITIONAL ADJUSTMENT ASSISTANCE AND OTHER PROVISIONS Subtitle A—^NAFTA Transitional A4justment Assistance Program Sec. 501. Short title.