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"^w. PUBLIC LAW 103-382—OCT. 20, 1994 108 STAT. 3719 "(B) any nonprofit institution or organization that is— "(i) chartered by the governing body of an Indian tribe to operate any such school or otherwise to oversee the delivery of educational services to members of that tribe; and "(ii) approved by the Secretary for the purpose of this section. "(b) ELIGIBLE ENTITY APPLICATION.— Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, each eligible entity described in subsection (a) shall submit any application for assistance under this part directly to the Secretary along with timely comments on the need for the proposed program. "SEC. 7105. RESIDENTS OF THE TERRITORIES AND FREELY ASSOCI- 20 USC 7405. ATED NATIONS. "For the purpose of carrying out programs under this part in the outlying areas, the term 'local educational agency* shall include public institutions or agencies whose mission is the preservation and maintenance of native languages. 'Subpart 1—Bilingual Education Capacity and DenLonstration Grants "SEC. 7111. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR BILINGUAL EDUCATION. 20 USC 7421. "The purpose of this subpart is to assist local educational agencies, institutions of higher education, and community-based organizations, through the grants authorized under sections 7112, 7113, 7114, and 7115 to— "(1) develop and enhance their capacity to provide highquality instruction through bilingual education or special alternative instruction programs to children and youth of limited English proficiency; and "(2) to help such children and youth— "(A) develop proficiency in English, and to the extent possible, their native language; and "(B) meet the same challenging State content standards and challenging State student performance standards expected for all children and youth as required by section 1111(b). "SEC. 7112. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION GRANTS. 20 USC 7422. "(a) PURPOSE. —The purpose of this section is to develop and implement new comprehensive, coherent, and successful bilingual education or special alternative instructiongd programs for limited English proficient students, including programs of early childhood education, kindergarten through twelfth grade education, gifted and talented education, and vocational and applied technology education. "(b) PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.— "(1) AUTHORITY. — (A) The Secretary is authorized to award grants to eligible entities having applications approved under section 7116 to enable such entities to carry out activities described in paragraph (2), "(B) Each grant under this section shall be awarded for a period of three years. =