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PUBLIC I^.W 104-88 —DEC. 29, 1995 109 STAT. 925 "CHAPTER 157—OPERATIONS OF CARRIERS "CHAPTER 157—OPERATIONS OF CARRIERS "SUBCHAPTER A—GENERAL REQUIREMENTS "Sec. ' "15701. Providing transportation and service. "SUBCHAPTER B—OPERATIONS OF CARRIERS " 15721. Definitions. "15722. Records: form; inspection; preservation. "15723. Reports by carriers, lessors, and associations. " SUBCHAPTER A—GENERAL REQUIREMENTS "§ 15701. Providing transportation and service " (a) SERVICE ON REASONABLE REQUEST. —^A pipeline carrier providing transportation or service under this part shall provide the transportation or service on reasonable request. "(b) RATES AND OTHER TERMS.— ^A pipeline carrier shall also provide to any person, on request, the carrier's rates and other service terms. The response by a pipeline carrier to a request for the carrier's rates and other service terms shall be— "(1) in writing and forwarded to the requesting person promptly after receipt of the request; or "(2) promptly made available in electronic form. "(c) LIMITATION ON RATE INCREASES AND CHANGES TO SERVICE TERMS. —^A pipeline carrier may not increase any common carrier rates or change any common carrier service terms unless 20 days have expired after written or electronic notice is provided to any person who, within the previous 12 months— "(1) has requested such rates or terms under subsection (b); or "(2) has made arrangements with the carrier for a shipment that would be subject to such increased rates or changed terms. "(d) PROVISION OF SERVICE.— ^A pipeline carrier shall provide transportation or service in accordance with the rates and service terms, and any changes thereto, as published or otherwise made available under subsection (b) or (c). " (e) REGULATIONS.— The Board shall, by regulation, establish rules to implement this section. The regulations shall provide for immediate disclosure and dissemination of rates and service terms, including classifications, rules, and practices, and their effective dates. The regulations may modify the 20-day period specified in subsection (c). Final regulations shall be adopted by the Board not later than 180 days after the effective date of this section. " SUBCHAPTER B—OPERATIONS OF CARRIERS "§ 15721. Definitions "In this subchapter, the following definitions apply: "(1) CARRIER, LESSOR.— The terms 'carrier' and 'lessor* include a receiver or trustee of a pipeline carrier and lessor, respectively. "(2) LESSOR. —The term 'lessor' means a person owning a pipeline that is leased to and operated by a carrier providing transportation under this part. "(3) ASSOCIATION. — The term 'association' means an organization maintained by or in the interest of a group of