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110 STAT. 1688 PUBLIC LAW 104-182—AUG. 6, 1996 (D) OBLIGATIONS. —Each contract under subparagraph (A) shall include such terms and conditions as the Secretary of the Treasury may require so that the value to the Government of the contracts entered into under subparagraph (A) is estimated to be equal to the obligations of the Army Corps of Engineers for carrying out capital improvements at the Washington Aqueduct at the time that each series of contracts is entered into. (E) OTHER CONDITIONS.— Each contract entered into under subparagraph (A) shall— (i) provide that the customer pledges future income only from fees assessed for principal and interest pay- ments required by such contracts and costs to operate and maintain the Washington Aqueduct; (ii) provide the United States priority in regard to income from fees assessed to operate and maintain the Washington Aqueduct; and (iii) include other conditions consistent with this section that the Secretary of the Treasury determines to be appropriate. (3) LIMITATIONS.— (A) BORROWING AUTHORITY.—The Secretary's borrowing authority for making capital improvements at the Washington Aqueduct under paragraph (1) shall not extend beyond fiscal year 1999. (B) OBLIGATION AUTHORITY.—Upon expiration of the borrowing authority exercised under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall not obligate funds for making capital improvements at the Washington Aqueduct except funds which are provided in advance by the customers. This limitation does not affect the Secretary authority to conduct normal operation and maintenance activities, including minor repair and replacement work. Reports. (4) IMPACT ON IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM.— -Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary, in consultation with other Federal agencies, shall transmit to the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives a report that assesses the impact of the borrowing authority provided under this subsection on the near-term improvement projects in the Washington Aqueduct Improvement Program, work scheduled, and the financial liability to be incurred, (f) REISSUANCE OF NPDES PERMIT.—Prior to reissuing a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the Washington Aqueduct, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall consult with the customers and the Secretary regarding opportunities for more efficient water facility configurations that might be achieved through various possible transfers of the Washington Aqueduct. Such consultation shall include specific consideration of concerns regarding a proposed solids recovery facility, and may include a public hearing. 33 USC 1281 SEC. 307. WASTEWATER ASSISTANCE TO COLONIAS. (a) DEFINITIONS. —As used in this section: (1) BORDER STATE.— The term "border State" means Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.