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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2429 Subtitle B—Other Matters Sec. 821. Prohibition on release of contractor proposals under Freedom of Information Act. Sec. 822. Amendments relating to reports on procurement regulatory activity. Sec. 823. Amendment of multiyear limitation on contracts for inspection, mainten ance, and repair. Sec. 824. Streamlined notice requirements to contractors and employees regarding termination or substantial reduction in contracts under major defense programs. Sec. 825. Repeal of notice requirements for substantially or seriously affected parties in downsizing efforts. Sec. 826. Study of effectiveness of defense mergers. Sec. 827. Annual report relating to Buy American Act. Sec. 828. Foreign environmental technology. Sec. 829. Assessment of national defense technology and industrial base and dependency of base on supplies available only from foreign countries. Sec. 830. Expansion of report on implementation of automated information systems to include additional matters regarding information resources management. Sec. 831. Year 2000 software conversion. Sec. 832. Procurement from firms in industrial base for production of small arms. Sec. 833. Cable television franchise agreements. TITLE IX—DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Subtitle A—General Matters Sec. 901. Repeal of previously enacted reduction in number of statutory positions in Office of the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 902. Additional required reduction in defense acquisition workforce. Sec. 903. Reduction of personnel assigned to Office of the Secretary of Defense. Sec. 904. Report on military department headquarters staffs. Sec. 905. Matters to be considered in next assessment of current missions, responsibilities, and force structure of the unified combatant commands. Sec. 906. Transfer of authority to control transportation systems in time of war. Sec. 907. Codification of requirements relating to continued operation of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Sec. 908. Joint Requirements Oversight Council. Sec. 909. Membersnh) of the Ammunition Storage Board. Sec. 910. Removal of Secretary of the Army from membership on the Foreign Trade Zone Board. Sec. 911. Composition of aircraft accident investigation boards. Sec. 912. Mission of the White House Communications Agency. Subtitle B—Force Structure Review Sec. 921. Short title. Sec. 922. Findings. Sec. 923. Quadrennial Defense Review. Sec. 924. National Defense Panel. Sec. 925. Postponement of deadlines. Sec. 926. Definitions. TITLE X—GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Financial Matters Sec. 1001. Transfer authority. Sec. 1002. Incorporation of classified annex. Sec. 1003. Authority for obligation of certain unauthorized fiscal year 1996 defense appropriations. Sec. 1004. Authorization of prior emergency supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 1996. Sec. 1005. Format for budget requests for Navy/Marine Corps and Air Force ammunition accounts. Sec. 1006. Format for annual budget requests for Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program. Sec. 1007. Limitation on use of Department of Defense funds transferred to the Coast Guard. Sec. 1008. Fisher House Trust Fund for the Department of the Navy. Sec. 1009. Designation and liability of disbursing and certifying officials for the Coast Guard. Sec. 1010. Authority to suspend or terminate collection actions against deceased members of the Coast Guard.