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PUBLIC LAW 105-332—OCT. 31, 1998 112 STAT. 3103 notice, for the purpose of affording all segments of the public and interested organizations and groups (including employers, labor organizations, and parents), an opportunity to present their views and make recommendations regarding the State plan. A summary of such recommendations and the eligible agency's response to such recommendations shall be included in the State plan. "(b) PLAN DEVELOPMENT.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The eligible agency shall develop the State plan in consultation with teachers, eligible recipients, parents, students, interested community members, representatives of special populations, representatives of business and industry, and representatives of labor organizations in the State, and shall consult the Governor of the State with respect to such development. " (2) ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES. — The eligible agency shall develop effective activities and procedures, including access to information needed to use such procedures, to allow the individuals described in paragraph (1) to participate in State and local decisions that relate to development of the State plan. "(c) PLAN CONTENTS. —The State plan shall include information that— "(1) describes the vocational and technical education activities to be assisted that are designed to meet or exceed the State adjusted levels of performance, including a description of— "(A) the secondary and postsecondary vocational and technical education programs to be carried out, including programs that will be carried out by the eligible agency to develop, improve, and expand access to quality, stateof-the-art technology in vocational and technical education programs; "(B) the criteria that will be used by the eligible agency in approving applications by eligible recipients for funds under this title; "(C) how such programs will prepare vocational and technical education students for opportunities in postsecondary education or entry into high skill, high wage jobs in current and emerging occupations; and "(D) how funds will be used to improve or develop new vocational and technical education courses; "(2) describes how comprehensive professional development (including initial teacher preparation) for vocational and technical, academic, guidance, and administrative personnel will be provided; "(3) describes how the eligible agency will actively involve parents, teachers, local businesses (including small- and medium-sized businesses), and labor organizations in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of such vocational and technical education programs; "(4) describes how funds received by the eligible agency through the allotment made under section 111 will be allocated—