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84 FOR'I`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 140. 1872. {2:31- 9.114; each of their several and respective rights in said titles D0 such s an ro rt so sed. m£F§¤>p:rty¤·$¤· Sec. 8.pThI; ifyv,he%ecretary of the Interior shall not be able to agree by mQt‘Quf,“;’;“_ with the ovyner or owners of any privs.tc_ property needed for the pm-- ment, the su- poses of thm act upon. the pncc to be pmd therefor, or if for any other mhggfg cause he shall be unable to obtain the title to any sueh property by (3},;,,,,,;,;,, to P,.°_ mutual agreeuaeut with the owner or owncys thereof, in shall be his duty

ffpgnggug w umke appbmuou to the supreme court. of the District of Qolumbiu,

wluch court 18 hercb authomzcd and re uu·ed u one such a 11cat1 11 ment thereofl y q r P , . PP O s IU such mode, and under such rules and yegulatious as it may adopt, to make a ju;} aug eqxgmblc appmiscmgnt of the cash value of the several interests 0 aa an every owner 0 the real estate and im ro ts thereon necggsgi to be taken for the public use in accordaucle vxbmghe provisionsuct, and to which the Secretar has been bl m U obtain the tétle byhmutual agreement with the ownei or owners Egregf p<>¤ paymynt. mc. 9. hat. e fee-simple of all premises so appropriated for ubI'e €?f1;6?f,_§§*f·;Q‘:§° uge, of which en appraisement shall have been made under the ordeg usd thetprexcxises yo dxrecpon of smd court, ghall, upon payment to the owner or owners, 1-6- g$';t;;*&°;P¤m spectnvely, of the apprmsed value, or in case the said owner or owners refuse or neglect fur fifteen days after the appraisement of the cash value of smd lands and mprovemeuts by said court to demand the same from Segmmy ¤f the Secretary of the Interior, upon depositing the said appraised value

cv ¤=¤k¤ in the eeid court to the credit of such owner or owners, respectively, be

vested m the United States. And the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and required to pay to the several owner or owners, respectnvoly, the apgrmsed value of the several premises as specified in the ap— pmisement c said court, or pay into court b d s't hb f Appropriation. provided, the said appraised values; and the surm oggnesguaiy nwlgxgeggi mg four hundred thousand d01lm·s,_for such purpose is hereby uppropri. C rw to- aged out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated: Pro- Msin $6¤¤;md_ mice, That} the Secretarytof {cho Inmriorlis hereby authorized to sell at i,"?-,,, be {Md at pu l1c auctuon such matormls m the bmldmgs m squares numbers six hunpu he auemn. drcd and mghty-seven and six hundred and eighty-eighb as are not neces. Proceeds of sary for the public works in this District; and further, that the moneys

”:;;£fW *4* M realized by. such sales shall be applied to the improvement and extension

of gba Capxtol grounds. Coun m de- `nc. 10. That said court may direct the time and manner in which

;:ne:;:;?m¤ :lp:;e¥?w4;;;b; gulxgeggyawndegxned qhall be taken or delivered, and

(hq [gk' and I) g Hy OI` er OT 18 H8 S f · · •· del1v¤ryn5‘:u¤ sesmon. The cost occasioned by the isquianiufgogigessg gzvubgllpf CODd9lIIIOd °d bry , GH g a' 8 m I pm y the United States, aud, as to other costs wluch may emse they g:;? d shag] be gxaygid or taxed as the court may direct. ’ ce ings mc. . at no delay in makin uu · h _ _ _ g assessment of ccmpensa:.10 0

mf';`f;B“2‘;';’°";‘{f° m baking posseszuon, shall be occasioned by any doubt which may zine

ggggsgpsg um us botthofotvlynershxp of the property, or any part thereof, or ea so the in- , · eres s g 0 respective owners but in such cases the 0 t h 11 ' a. dep0s1t of the money all0wed a.s compensation for thgxuvhilg p;;;;;`; _When poem- or the but m dispute. In all cases, as soon as the United States shall 23; b¤ hgve pmd thodcomhibensation assessed, or secured its payment, by 9. deposit 0 money, un er c order of the court possession of the 1- t, be taken. a p oper y may C¢r’¤¤i¤ mi}- SEO. 12. That the Washmg' be d Ge ‘ {3°£I;‘;';‘§'31‘;§: um} the Metropolitan Railroad zoznlpmy 2;§0;;v<;nth1;;d;;;dh<g·;b1Pa:; tucks hom, &¤. qumad to remove their tracks res ctivel · y . r P° y, from the Oapmol grounds as hereby egmbhshed, and to run the same as they may be directed f130m tnmcgto tune, by the officer in chmige of the public buildings and greunds, I as t a gyauing a.nd_fil}mg up of sand grounds may render necessary. That commmimm, a comm1ss1011, conmstzing of the Secretary of the Interior the ch' f ‘ repormplmtv near of the arm and th fi ‘ 3 - -16 Engly, e 0 cer m charge of public bmldmgs and