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288 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sxss. II. C11. 335. 1872. Audiwr of and the official forms of papers to be used in connection with its recexpua g¤¤¤¤g for and expenditures. He shall report to the Postmaster-General all delinp§::,;’m€?,£,°` quencies of postmasters in rendering their accounts and returns, or in pay. www and du· ing over mouey—order funds and other receipts at their offices. He shall “""‘ register, charge, and couutersign all warrants upon the treasury for receipts and payments issued by the Postmaster-General, when warranted by law. And he shall perform such other duties in relation to the Huancia,1 concerns of the department as may be assigned to him by the Secretary of the Treasury, and make to said secretary, or be the Postmaster- General, such reports respecting the same as either of them may require. to supmmend Sm:. 23. That the said auditor sha,11 superinbend the collection of all t*;’=d°°‘*‘¢¤**3¤ debts due the department, and all penalties and forfeitures imposed for any gc,,,jl£S°;¤d fm., violation of the postal laws, and take all such other measures as may be teitnres; authorized by law to enforce the payment of such debts and the recovery of such penalties and forfeitures. He shall also superinteud the collection of all penalties and forfeitures arising under other statutes, where such penalties and forfeitures are the consequence of unlawful acts affecting the revenues or property of the Post·0iHce Department. may administer 81:0.24. That the said auditor, or the mayor of any city, any justice §f; ”‘“ °’*“”’· of the peace, or the judge of any court of record, may administer oaths or aflirmations in relation to the examination and settlement of the sw- Pmmy for counts committed no the charge of said auditor; and if any person shall ]mo»yi¤gly¤we¤>.r· knowingly swear or afllrm falsely touching any expenditure on account oi}

  • ¤S'¤*¤¤*Y:9t*<> or claim in favor of or against, said department, he shall, on conviction
 °°°p°° I “r°’ thereof, for every such ofence, forfeit and pay not exceeding two thousand

dollars, and ·be imprisoned at hard labor not exceeding five years, according to the aggmvution of the offence. Appmrmm Sec. 25. '1‘hatif either the Postmaster-General or the person whose ¤¤di¤<>¤" *9 tm 1¤¤ accounts have been settled shall be dissatisfied with the settlement of said €Q;"g.;r:g;:,°f auditor, he may, within twelve months, appeal to the first comptroller of whose deuiéicu the treasury, whose decision shall be final and conclusive. ‘b*gf€f;:l’§;· i Sm. 26. That the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint in the office ,ud;m,·g (,mgQ, ° of the auditor for the Post,-office Department one chief clerk, nine clerks nppdntment, of class four, forty-four clerks of class three, sixty-four clerks of class “"‘“l’°"> &°‘ two, thinly-seven clerks of class one, one messenger, one assistant messenger, and eleven laborers. Aunpslaalnrm SEO. 27. That the annual salaries of the auditor for the Post-0{Hce

L:::'°°' wd Department, and the clerks, messengers, and laborers in his office, shall

' be as follows: Of the auditor, three thousand dollars; Of the chief clerk, two thousand dollars; Of the clerks of class four, one thousand eight hundred dollars each; B;1d :W0 hundred dollars additional to one of said clerks as disbursing c er ; Of the clerks of class three, one thousand six hundred dollars each; Of the clerks of class two, one thousand four hundred dollars each; Of the clerks of class one, one thousand two hundred dollars each; Of the messenger, eight 11u11dred and forty dollars; Of the assistant messenger, seven hundred dollars; Of the laborers, six hundred dollars each. Any ,,,m,,c Sec. 28. That whenever the office of any postmaster shall become in me onine ofy vacant by reason of death, resignation, suspension, or by the expiration

 of the commission of a. postmaster or his rejection by the Senate, or by

delay; the neglect or refusal of any person to take charge of the post-office to which he is,it shall be the duty of the Postmaster-General or the President (as the case may be) to supply such vacancy without delay,

1    mxd it shall be the duty of the Postmaster-General promptly to notify the

mmm ° ° auditor of the change; and every postmaster and his sureties shall bB promptly. responsible under their bond for the safe-keeping of the public property of