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FORTY—-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. 289 the post-oflice, and the due performance of the duties thereof, until the Postmasmand expiration of the commission, or until a. successor shall have been duly S““’tl“ mms appointed and qualified, and shall have taken possession of the office: mm] Provided,, That in cases where there shall be at delay of sixty &¤- i _ i days in supplying such vacancy, the sureties may terminate their responsi- nolfsxaimgyif bility by giving notice, in writing, to the POSCm&St€I’-G€I1€T&l, such termi- sixty iiys, sumnation to take effect ten days after sufficient time shall have elapsed to ms m“>f**”`*¤i· receive 2. reply from the Postmaster—Geneml : And provided also, T hat ;l£;ig;€2`l:§i?s£T the Postmester—General may, when the exigencies of the service re- Spéeim agent quire, place such office in charge of a special agent until the vacancy can nlay mlm °h’“€° be re it n filled· and 1 · ~1 — ·· r r t r111i»v t- k H it i { ° "”°*"?t·?}“°“ gu t y , w1e11su<,1specm 45011 sm 4. e 4 e c 4 geo and Summnot such post-ofiice, the liability of the sureties of the postmaster shall cease. \¤¤g¤r liable Sec. 29. That all orders and regulations of the Postmaster-General Certain Orders, which may originate et claim, or in any manner affect the accounts of the &°‘• of P"S°` · . . 1T\3St€l —g`CIlBl`B.l to postal service, shall be certified to the auditor for the P0st—office Depart- be cmixied to ment, auditor. Sec. 30. That the Postmaster-General may establish v. blank agency Blank ngeney for the Post-oflice Department, to be located at Washington, District of 3 E'“Sm"5'*°“» Columbia.` Sec. 31. That the Postmaster-General may employ two special agents f S1}?°l*;l”饀¤** for the Pncific coast, and such number of other special agents as the good aiifdléigzxhiizlt of the service and the safety of the mail may require. l Sec. 32. That the salary of the special agents of the Post-office De- their sam-ies partment shall be at the rate of not more than one thousand six hundred and °XP°¤S°S9 dollars per annum ; and they shall be allowed for travelling and incidental expenses, while actually employed in the service, a sum not exceeding five dollars a dey. Sec. 33. That whenever a special agent is required to collect or dis- l?°f3d} iff6h burse any public money, he shall, before entering upon such duty, give §;::('pu&i§° °°t’ bond in such sum and form, and with such security, as the Postmaster- money. General may approve. Sec. 34. Tlmt the Postmaster- General may employ, when the service Assistant possrequires it, the assistant postniasters-general and superintendents in his department as special agents; and he may allow them therefor not ex- speeial Elygonts; ceeding the amount expended by them as necessary travelling expenses {r333m11i; for while so employed. PEM8s_ g` Sec. 35. That the Postniztster-General may appoint two agents to Twp agents to superintend the railway postal service, who shall be paid out of the appro- ;f‘f‘***;‘§§dS;*;l‘ prietion for the transportation of the mail, at the rate of two thousand five Vgé? ` hundred dollars per annum salary, with an allowance for travelling and their salaries incidental expenses, while actively employed in the service, of not more and €XP°“S°Si than five dollars an day; and the auditor of the treasury for the Post- auditor to ofiice Department shall charge to the appropriation for mail transportet- gggiigrgggglgét tion the salary and per diem of the assistant superintendents of the postal railway service; and to the appropriation for the free-delivery system, the salary and per diem of the special agent detailed for that service; and the salary and per diem of the special agents employed in the m0ney—order service shall be paid out of the proceeds of that service. Sec. 36. That the Postmaster-General may establish resident mail Resident mail agencies at the ports of Panama and Aspinwull (New Gmnadzi), Havana (Cuba), and Saint Thomas, and such other foreign ports at which United UQ1Q.m{;l_ Sing States mail steamers touch to land and receive mails, as may in his judg— ’1`h<>m¤s, &c. _ment promote the efliciency of the foreign mail service; and may pay the v_P¤g’ gr {Gragents employed by him at such ports out of the app1·0priatiou for trans- 6* pormtion of the mail at 1‘0{lSOD0.l)l€ compensation for their services and the necessary expenses for ofiice—rent, clerk-hire, officmfurniture, and other inciilentials, to be allowed him at each of such agencies. Sec. 37. That the 1’<>stm:1ster-Geiierul may appoint an agent in clmrge Mm agents in of the mail on board of each of the mail-Steamers 0n the routes between stemncrs on v01.. xvii. Pun.-- 19