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6 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sxcss. I. Ch. 21. 1871. which may be allowed under any or all the variouu gots of Qxéngrgss Appropriation granting the same; and that s0 much of |1h8 QppI‘0p1‘1&f.10D pI`0Vl c or . f°"d?*°°“°“·&°· in tho act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the govomggcgégysas:-lx ment for the year ending Juno thirty, eighteen hundred and sgvontyqwo, ¤b¤<>¤¤¤¢¤¤6¤<=¤! a roved March three eighteen hundred and seventy-ono, to be ex. pp > g _ . . . Y‘;’é§1 ch u4 pendod in tho detection and pmsocugxorkof cmmeé agmns; tho United V1., ‘. .497. States" as may in the Judgment o t o tornoy- onora, o necessary, 0 xw P may ho used during the current fiscal year. cmd,, book, That all books, records, papers, and documents rolatwe to transactions {¢<><>*dS, &¤- *9-, of· or, with the late so-called government of the confcdcrasc States, or the Ming *0 ¤'¤¤¤· ’ ’ t' `n t c osscssnon, or zzzizxzaimh €éKZ¥."..'7IS§°.I2f§`l1‘}y££.1°‘Z£ZI§1{JZ, ¥'fZ“',1§’;.§Z3L.Z`I’(`Z} `the gogornment of ¤°°°°’»°' °:g*°’· the United States, or of any department theroofamay be resorted to for ¥Q:yc:;,,:€,,s;:,;Y information by tho board of commissioners of claims created by act upers of emims proved March three, eighteen hundred and seventy-one; and copies

  • §‘,?frc'{l°°u8 W thereof; duly certified by tho officer having custody of the same, shall be

Voliunvil . 624., treated with the like force and cffbct as tho original. R°b*!“£¤S For the rebuilding of tho Catholic orphan asylum at Charleston, South g°Tx°£°a€rphm Carolina, twelve thousand dollars, in consideration of tho services ren- Gl¥ar1estou,S.C. dorod by tho sisters of Our Lgly of Ilécrcy, 0% Ch?¥est0n, §0uth £arolina to the sick and wounded nion o ccrs an so ncrs, w 1 o sax ci y wasjundcr bombardment during tho war.

§nln.ry otjnd- Sec. 2. That there is hereby appropriated to pay the salary for the

glgfgzllsggxgt remainder of tho present and for tho next fiscal year, of the assistant 1571,),4;%. 72;attorney-general, authorized to be appointed by tho act of the last scs~ VN- Ul- P- ***2- sion of Congress, six thousand Evo hundred and twenty-tivo dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. m . 3. he followinv stated sums are berob appropriatod for the S ¤ T B 1 _ y pp p purposes horoma or oxprosso viz.:- C°¤**¤8°¤* To supply a deficiency in tho appropriation for contingent expenses of §f§f£;°:} (gg33E_ tho Houso of Representatives for tho present fiscal year, the same to be sonmives. added to tho appropriation " for miscellaneous itoms," fivo thousand dollars. I"d°P°“°°'“ T0 su l a dcficiouo in the appropriations for the service of the inc PP Y Y muuiy n dependent treasury, for the fiscal year, as follows :-—- B“"‘m°'°* For clerks and messengers in the offico of the assistant treasurer at Baltimore, six thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. Ul¤¤l¤¤¤'>ii For clerks and messengers in the oiilce of the depositary at Cincinnati,

 {lv? thououngl tw; hundred undfifg dogars.            

¢¤z<>; *`or c or s an messenrrcrs in c 0 co o c oposi ary a xcago, ono thousand one liundrodiadollars. L0¤iwm•¤; For clerks and messengers in tho officc of tho depositary at Louisville, eight hundred dollars. Nw O¤`Y°¤¤¤· For salary of tho assistant treasurer ut New Orleans, to make his compensation four thousand Evo hundred dollars, as provided by existing laws, tivo hundred dollars. w:c:S£:8°"° For contingent expenses under tho act of August sixth, eighteen hunr;m_,,}l_ gg_ dred and forty-six, for the collection, safe-l<eoping, transfer, and disburse- V¤l·ix·r>-59- mont of tho public revenue, fifty thousand dollars: .Pr0v·ided,Cl`hat no N°P***°'°” ·¤¢‘ x1 lllb —dlf 1*1 ·· Mmmm Wvicw par 0 sm sum s m o oxpon cc or c crica services}. lm-qotmx For sulamos and expenses of the dnrocb tax commissioners of South

 Carolina, and of their clerks, from July first, eighteen hundred and sevenli¤a  ty, until tho closing of their offico, three thousand five, hundred dollars,
   or oo much thereof as may be necessary.

D‘°*"°* °f C°· For tho support of the District of Columbia for the fiscal ear cndirw lumbm. . . y ° Juno thirty, eighteen hundred and seventy-two : —— Governor. For salary of the governor of tho District of Columbia, three thousand dollars. Secretary. For salary of tho secretary of tho District of Columbia, two thousand °dollars.