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FORTY-—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150,159, 160. 1873. 465 his right to any land on which he resided at the time of an entry by another person under the act to which this is an amendment. Approved, February 17, 1873. CHAP. CL.-An Act for the Ereclion of n. public Budding for the Use of the United Feb. 17, 1873. States in Covington, Kentucky. é"""" Be it enacted by the Smale and House of Representative: of the United States of America in Congress assembled, T hat the Secretary of the Treas- Building m be ui-y be, and hereby is, authorized and directed to cause to be constructed b“"‘*Ig‘,C‘IZ"l“g‘ a suitable brick building, with a fire-proof brick vault extending to each ggmts i,}{d(g0v- story in the city of Covington, Kentucky, for the accommodation of the er¤m¢¤¤<>i’ri¤¢¤ United States circuit and district courts, post-office, and other government offices; and the sum of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the purpose aforesaid, out of any money in Appropriation. the treasury not otherwise appropriated, of which not more than thirty thousand dollars shall be used in payment for the site; and the Secretary of the Treasury shall cause the proper plans and estimates to be made, Plans and estiso that no expenditures shall be made or authorized, for the full complex- m”·°“· tion of said building, beyond the sum herein appropriated: Provided, That no money hereby appropriated shall be used or expended until a Money nqtm valid title to the land for a site, independent and unexposed to danger l’5r;;:£?t}§;1“}S from fire in adjacent buildings, shall be vested in the United States, nor `i_;g(li5(l_ mid im until the State of Kentucky shall cede its jurisdiction over the same, and fiithf *0 *31 also duly release and relinquish to the United States the right to tax or r°°”°d° in any way assess said site, or the propertybf the United States that may be thereon, during the time that the United States shall be or remain the owner thereofi Approved, February 17, 1873. CHAP. CLIX. — An Act in Relation to mineral Lands. Feb 18, 1873- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Omgress assembled, That within the States herein- Mines of in-on after named deposits or mines of iron and coal be, and they are hereby, xgegillgggs in excluded from the operations of an act entitled "An act to promote the Lughiégn, Mindevelopment of the mining resources of the United States," approved May ¤¤$<>$¤, ¤¤d_Wl¤· tenth eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and said act shall not apply to 3’;'§;;‘i:°;:g` the mineral lands sitnate and being within the States of Michigan, \Vis- 1872, ch. 152, consin, and Minnesota, and that said lands are hereby declared free and “”"’» P- 91- open to exploration and purchase, accoiding to the legal subdivisions thereof, as before the passage of said act; and that any bona—nde entries Bgna-nds of such lands within said States, since the passage thereon may be pat- ;‘;Q:t;g""Y b° ented without reference to the provisions of said act. ` Approved, February 18, 1873. CHAP. GLX. -An Act creating anjiadditional Land District in the Territory of Feb. 18, 1873. TIZOYNL. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Oangress assembled, That all that portion of the _Gi[alang1dis-

  • Territory of Arizona embraced in the following-described limits, to wit: ;;§b“*S}·;*3¤°¤¤·

commencing at the eastern boundary of the Territory, at the intersection ‘ of the first standard line north; and running thence west on that line to B<>¤¤d¤¤i¤¤· the western boundary of the Territory; thence south with said boundary line to the southern boundary of the Territory; thence east on said line to the eastern boundary of the eastern boundary of the Territory ; and thence north on said line to the place of beginning, shall constitute a separate land district, to be called the Gila land district, the office of which shall Land omce. be located at such place in said district as the President of the United States may direct, which may be changed from time to time as the public interest may require. von. xvu. Pnm.—- 30