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FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 235, 236. 187 3. 577 made for the payment of pensions, in the same manner as the ordinary fees of appointed surgeons are or may be authorized to be paid. Sec. 38. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and is hereby, author- Med;,,,,; mgm, ized to appoint a duly qualified surgeon as medical referee, who, under the tv be appointed, control and direction of the commissioner of pensions, shall have charge of gzgigjiggzzrgéi the examination and revision of the reports of examining surgeons, and reports ofexamsuch other duties touching medical and surgical questions in the pension- ming $u*`§°°¤’» oflice, as the interests of the service may demand; and his salary shall be &§m,y_ two thousand five hundred dollars per annum. And the Secretary of the Certain quali- Interior is further authorized to appoint such qualified surgeons (not gf;,S1;f§€°"? . . . . . _ p omted exceeding four) as the exxgencies of the service may require, wl1o may as clerks olirmmh perform the duties of examining surgeons when so required, and who shall ¢¥¤S$~_¤¤}d Mt M be borne upon the rolls as clerks of the fourth class : Provided, That such gggggning sm" appointments shall not increase the clerical force of said bureau. Sec. 39. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent or in conflict with Rspealing the foregoing provisions of this act are hereby repealed. °l“““‘ A1>1>1zovm1>, March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCXXXV. -·-An Act to declare the true Intentand Meaning of the Act approved ligcjj, 1873- izne eiqht, exzqhleen hundred and seventy-two, amendatory of the General Bankrupt lf7E, <£)h.3%;9. FU. 7L 6, . . Be it enacted by the Senate and Hozcsc of Representatives of the United Sta/tes of America, in Cbngress assembled, That it was the true intent and Exemptions almeaning of an act approved June eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy- lg‘l)‘;dtE·e";;;‘_;“;’; two, entitled "An act to amend an act entitled ‘ An act to establish a ,1;,,,,,,;,; in any uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States] approved Statein1871._ March second, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven," that the exemptions gggiggtbiigdlld allowed the bankrupt by the said amendatory act should, and it is hereby i enacted that they shall, be the amount allowed by the constitution and laws of each State, respectively, as existing in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-one; and that such exemptions be valid against debts contracted before the adoption and passage of such State constitution and laws, as well as those contracted after the same, and against liens by judgment or decree of any State court, any decision of any such court rendered since the adoption and passage of such constitution and laws to the contrary notwithstanding. A1>x>1z0v1c1>, March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCXXXVI.—An Act to extend jbr jbur Years the Act establishing the Board of March 3, 1873. Cvmmissabners ry" Claims, and the Acts relating thereto. Bs it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the second, third, fourth, _ Act establishfifth and sixth sections of the act entitled “An act making appropriations ;‘g§g:;‘:S°(ff for the support of the army for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen claims gxtmded hundred and seventy-two, and for other purposes," approved March third, for fbur year? eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and the act entitled “An act to author- fé’QQ_M‘"° °* ize the commissioners of claims to appoint special commissioners to take 1871, ch. 116, testimony and for other purposes," approved May eleventh, eighteenhun- §§€g?·_Wi dred and seventy-two, be, and the same are hereby, extended and continued 52% 525 ’ pp' in force for four years from the tenth day of March, anno Domini eighteen 1872, cn. 156. hundred and s·eventy-three. _ A"°°’ P‘ Q7' Sec. 2. That the commissioners of claims shall not receive any pet1tion No petition w for the allowance of any claim or claims unless such petition shall be pre- }‘e‘;;°£f;g°£l“0‘;_` sented to and filed with them on or before the third day of March, eigh- before prawn 3, teen hundred and seventy-three ; and all claims not so presented shall be lggéims not M deemed to be barred forever thereafter. resented to bg Approved, March 3, 1873. hm-red. v01.. xvii. Pon.-- 37