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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 323-325. 1873. 627 . CCXXIII.——An Actextendin the Time or ' Be it enacted by the Senate and [buss of Representatives of the United States of Amer1Icu, in Congress assembled, That the time for the completion Time for com- Of the Portage Lake and Lake Superior ship canal be and the sums ig Pl°*i¤€*h¢ Pwr hereby extended to the first day of December, anno Domini eighteen iiié hundred and seventy-three- ship canal sx- APPROVED, March 3, 1873. *°¤d¤d· ‘ ·’. XXIV. —An Act to mab'‘ cig; pg/ig- mmm Improvements witdidliheclliylén $3:: r12t1g1d1E2s5g1kg;; igtlizgcgqeif ritory of Idaho. "Whereas, by the tenth article of the treaty concluded with the Nez Preamble. Poms tribe of Indians, June eleventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-fivc, V°I· Xi P- 960- it was agreed that tho tract of land then occupied by William Craig should not be considered a part of the reservation set apart for them by said treaty, except that the same should be subject to the intercourse act in common with tho other lands of the reservation, in consideration of tho fact that said Craig had consented to reside among them as their friend and adviser; and whereas the said Craig, and, since his death, his legal representatives, have cultivated and otherwise improved tho tract of land in question; and whereas tho right of personal occupancy of tho same, acquired under the treaty rcfor1~od'to, ceased with the death of said Craig; and whereas the improvements upon said tract, as aforesaid, arc required for the usc of the Nez Pcrcc tribe of Indians: Thereforc Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Improvements States of America in Congress assembled, That the commissioner of Indian to be purchased affairs bc, and he is hereby, authorized to purchase, from the legal repre- scntatives of the said William Craig, the said improvements, at st cost not ligm cmg, exceeding the sum of three dollars pcr rod for fencing and four dollars and fifty cents por acre for the plowing upon the said tract, and to pay for the same, out of any unexpcndcd money appropriated for fulfilling treaty with tho Nez Pcrcc tribe of Indians. Approved, Ma.rcl1 3, 1873. CHAP. CCCXXV. -An Act to authorize the Construction of a Bridge across the Mis· March 3, 1878. souri River at or near the City ofLezington, in the State of Missouri, and to establish it ""°`—"""" as a Post-road. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for any Bridge may bc person or persons, company, or corporation, authorized by tho general l1:;il¢=¤¤{<>s_¤ the or special laws of Missouri, and having the consent of the Burlington or‘;i'Q;r}J;¥;?° and Southwestern and tho Lexington Lake and Gulf Railroad Com- um, Missouri, panics, to build a. bridge across the Missouri river at or near the city of ;‘;‘;;g’}:;g52h8r€_ Lexington, in tho State of Missouri, and to lay on or over said bridge 0n_ railway·tracks for tho more perfect connection of any railroads that are or shall be constructed to the said rivcr at or opposite said point, under the limitations and conditions hereinafter provided. That said bridge shall not interfere with the froc navigation of said river beyond what is Navigation. necessary in order to carry into cffbct tho rights and privileges hereby granted. And in case of any litigation arising from any obstruction, or Litigation. alleged obstruction, to the frac navigation of said rivcr, the cause muy bo tried before the district court of the United States in tho district of said State in which said bridge is located. Sec. 2. That any bridge built under tho provisions of this act may, at bridge ngxxy be tho option of the company building the sumc, be built either as at pivot g;;&_‘{;_;i§;"‘:; draw-bridge, or with unbroken or continuous spans: Provided, That if with cmgmfous tho said bridge shall be mado with unbroken and continuous spans, IC BPM15-