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996 CONVENTION-TASMANIA. J uint 5, 1882, Novnmmsn 20, 1882, Convention between the Post-Office Department of the United States of Nov,20, 1882. America, and the General Post—Q§iee of the 0olony_of Tasmcanza, con- -"—_""_‘ cerning the exchange of money-orders. Signed July o and Aovember 20, 1882; approved In; the President November 20, 1882. Contractingpar- The Post-Onice Department of the United States of America and the

  • i·‘•· General Post-Oiiice of the Colony of Tasmania, being desirous ot establishing a system of exchange of money-orders between the two countries,

the undersigned, duly authorized for that purpose, have agreed upon the following articles: · __ Anrrcnn 1. scope. There shall be a regular exchange of money-orders between the two countries. Money onlsss. The maximum of each order is fixed at £10 sterling when issued in Tasmania, and, when issued in the United States, at the equivalent, in sterling money, of $50 in the money of the latter country, converted at the rate fixed by article 13 of the present Convention. Fractions. No money-order shall include a fractional part of a penny, or, of a cent. Amount. The amount of each order, whether issued in the United States or in Tasmania, must be expressed in letters in British? money, and the equivalent in the money of the United States must also be shown in ngures. Atsricnn 2. common, The Tasmania Post-Omce shall have power to ilx the rates of commission on all money-orders issued ·in Tasmania, and the Post-Oiiice Department of the United States shall have the same power in regard to all money-orders issued in the United States. - ‘ Tm-mersnmgss, Each office shall communicate to the other its tariif of charges or rates of commission, which shall be established under this Convention, and these rates shall, in all cases, be payable in advance by the remitters, and shall not be repayable. , — Suspension of lt is understood, moreover that each ohiee is authorized to suspend,

          • ]****8***- temporarily, the exchange ol' money-orders in case the course of exchange, or any other circumstance, should give riseto abuses, or cause

detriment to the postal revenue. Aarronn 3. rsymsn: ofeom· Each country shall keep the commission charged on all money-orders ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· within its jurisdiction, but shall pay to the other country three-fourths of one per cent. on the amount of such orders. Anrrorn 4. Servico;howper— _The service of the postal money-order system between the two counf¤¤¤¤d· tries, shall be performed exclusively by the agency of Offices of Exchange. On the part of the United States the Onice of Exchange shall be San Francisco, California, and on the part of Tasmania, Hobart. Orders; h o w Orders shall be drawn only on the authorized money~order onices of <l¤~w¤- the respective countries; and each Postal Administration shall furnish Lists. to the other a List of such ofii and shall, from time to time, notify any addition to, or change in, ::31 List. Every order and advice must contain the name of the office and of the country of destination, and if relating to an order payable in the United States, the name of the State in which such office is situated. _