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FORTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 163. 1882. 87 longing to the Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians, which are hereby reappropriated for the purpose, namely: To nm wenpnaied, eight hundred dollars; 1,,,{°°’° W°“‘““" To Peter Westrrhalen, three hundred and sixty-five dollars I5,,,,,, Wmph,. To D. C. Tracy, one thousand three hundred dollars; len, To Julia Laing and daughters, Mary Laing, Elizabeth Laing, and D·Q·T¤&¤Y» Julia Laing, one thousand five hundred dollars; {glu mg· Also the following sums, to be paid from said unexpended balances EQ2;,,,,,;,;?;;,,;, of treaty funds belonging to said Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe ·Bubm Spring- Indians; To Barbara Springler, one thousand and fifty-nine dollars; 1**3 Dina Stenner, nine hundred and twenty-five dollars; Frank Sperank, F:::]E*é°p‘;Q:f;k’ three hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty cents; Ernest Zebig, Em,,,, hug, sixty dollars; Mary Locher, eighty-five dollars; Marie Denmie, six Mary Locher, hundred and one dollars; Christopher Abbott, eight hundred and Mm'? D¤¤¤¤°» ilftoen dollars; A. C. Blume, one hundred and three dollars; Mary h°(€f‘"°°Ph°’ Ab' Janosck, seven hundred and thirty-oue dollars; John Banda, one hun- A_’g_ Blume, dred and thirty-three dollars ; Frank Vocasek, sevenhundred and forty Mary Janosek, dollars; Paul J anosek, two hundred and thirty-six dollars and eighty J°h¤ B¤¤d¤· cents; in all, nine thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars and ten £:,,“]f,,Yu‘{•‘;‘,,',f_k* cents to be immediately available. . For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to enable A d d 1 1: 1 o u al the Commissioner of Indian Aifairs to employ, temporarily, sunicient ¤l¤rk¤ in vim clerical force to edect a prompt settlement of the accounts of Indian ggmlmm °“°' h' agents which have been unduly delayed, four thousand dollars, to be immediately available, And section two thousand and fifty-six of the K. S. 2056, 361, Revised Statutes is hereby amended so as to read as follows: Section °m°°d°d· two thousand and ifty-six. Each Indian agent shall hold his office for the of four years, and until his successor is duly appointed and - qua c mtrmznsr ON TRUST-FUND srocxs. Intuutentr-use fund stocks. Sec. Two.-For payment of interest on certain abstracted and non- _ paying State stocks, belonging to the various Indian tribes, and held — in trust by the Secretary of the Interior, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, namely : For trust-fund interest due Cherokee national fund, twentyé: thou- 0h¤r¤k•• ¤•- sand and sixty dollars; ·*'*°"“1 f‘“‘d· For trust-fund interest due Cherokee school-fund, two thousand four Cherokee school hundred and ten dollars; fud- For trust-fund interest due Chickasaw national fund, nineteen thou- _ chieknnw nssund eight hundred and twenty dollars; **°¤¤*U“”d- For trust-fund interest due Choctaw general fund, twenty-seven thou- Choctaw general sand dollars; fum- For trust-fund interest due Creek orphans, four thousand and forty Creek orphans. eight dollars; ‘ For trust-fund interest due Delaware general fund, eight thousand Derawuegeuunine hundred and thirty dollars; d f¤¤d- For trust-fund interest due Iowas, three thousand five hundred and Iowas. twenty dollars; . For trust-fund interest due Kaskaskias, Peoria, Weas, and Pianke- K¤sk¤¤ki•¤»P¤¢>· shaws, four thousand eight hundred and one dollars; m` For trust-fund interest due Kaskaskia, Wea, Peoria, and Piankeshaw . school-fund, one thousand four hundred and forty-nine dollars · For trust-fund interest due Menomonees, nine hundred and fifty dol- I Menomonee; lars · · Fdr trust·fund interest due Ottawas and Chippewas, two hundred g**•*•• *¤‘ and thirty dollars; in all ninetymine thousand two hundred and eight- C P*’°‘"" een dollars. Sec. Tunrm.-That no purchase of supplies for which appropriations P¤¤¤h•¤¤• i¤ - - · - n market. are herein mode exceeding in the aggregate five hundred dollars m value °P° at any one time shall be made without nrst giving at leastthree weelrs’ public notice by advertisement, except in cases of exrgency, when, m