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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 253, 254. 1882. 117 force at the date of importation: And provided furtluzr, That in case Prvvivvany articles imported under the provisions of this act shall be withdrawn for consumption, or shall be sold without payment of duty as required by law, all the penalties prescribed by the revenue laws shall be applied and enforced against such articles and against the persons who may be guilty of such withdrawal or sale. . Sno 2.--That the entire stock of each exhibitor, consisting of goods, wares, and merchandise imported by him and which may be in said buildings is hereby declared liable for the payment of duties accruing on any portion thereof, in case of the removal of such portion from said buildings without payment of the lawful duties thereon. Sec. 3.—That the penalties prescribed by, and the provisions contained R- S- 3082, 591 in, section three thousand and eighty-two of the Revised Statutes, shall be deemed and held to apply in the case of any goods, wares or merchandise which may bein said buildings sold, delivered, or removed without payment of duties, in the same manner as if such goods, wares, · or merchandise had been imported contrary to law ; and the article or articles so sold, delivered, or removed, shall be deemed and held to have been so imported, with the knowledge of the parties respectively concerned in such sale, delivery or removal. Approved, June 28, 1882. CHAP. 254·.——An act making appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal June 30, 1882. year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred md eighty-three, and for other pm·· ——·-—--1 pom. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and ti A""! "PP"°I’”°‘ the same are hereby, appropriated, out of any moneyin the Treasury not °°°‘ otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Army for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, as follows: For expenses of the Commanding General’s office, two thousand live commanding hundred dollars. oenmrs oem. For expenses of recruitin and transportation of recruits from rendez- Recruiting. vous to depot, one hundred and two thousand dollars. And no money No payment to appropriated by this act shall be paid for recruiting the Army beyond be _¤5¤¤•i¤ i'<>r rothe number of twenty-tive thousand enlisted men, including Indian $$8 of Amy scouts and hospital- stewards: and thereafter there shall be no more i ’ ' than twenty-five thousand enlisted men in the Army at any one time, unless otherwise authorized by law. Nothing, however, in this act shall Sig¤9~1_S¤rvi<><>to be construed m prevent enlistments for the Signal Service, which shall b° d“'”’““h°d· hereafwr be maintained as now organized and as provided by law, with a force of enlisted men not exceeding five hundred. _ For contingent expenses of the Adjutant-Geueral’s Department at Contingencies the headquarters of military divisions and departments, three thousand dollars. For expenses of the Signal Service of the Army, purchase, equip- Sign¤1S¤rvi¤¤- ment, and repair of electric field-telegraphs, and signal equipments and stores, ten thousand five hundred dollars. PAY DEPARTMENT. Fon PAY or run Amer.-For one General, one Lieutenant.-Greneral, Pu °*`*h°*¤°Y· three major- generals, sixteen brigadier-generals; thirtymine aids-decamp, in addition to pay in the line; sixtysix colonels, eighty-tive lieutenantcolonels, two hundred and forty-four majors three hundred and fourteen captains, mounted, three hundred and six captains, not mounted, thirty-four chaplains, twenty-one storekeepers, forty adJutents, fortgregimental quartermasters ; adjutant and quartermaster of Engineer attalion, in addition to pay in the line; two hundred and two that lieutenants, mounted, three hundred and sixty inst Heaton-