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FOBTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Szss. I. C11. 271-273. 1882. 151 Lewis for the uso of the Jaf. C. Davis Post Number Sixteen of tho Grmrd Army of tho Republic, at Vincennes, Indiana., six condemned cast-nron cannon, to be used for monumental purposes. Approved, July 5, 1882. CHAP. 2'I2.—-·A.¤ act to authorize the gngcgiug of Alloy-Ways in the City of Wash- Jujy 6, ]33g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Amerhza in Congress assembled, That whouoverall tho owners of Changing alloy- au entire square, or all the owners of a. part. of a square bounded on all Ways. Washing sides by public streets, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia., °°“* D' c' shall present to the Commissioners of tho District of Columbi a potitiou asking that any alley or alleys within said square or part or square may be closed wholly O1' partially, and shall in said petition offor to dedicate for public uso, and shall so dedicate if in the opinion of the Commissioners of said District such dedication is necessary, as alley- ways, ground owned by tho petitioners in andimt equal at least in area to that of the alloy-way sought to bc, closed, and shall also present to said Commissioners with said petition an correct plot of such square or part of square signed by all of the owners thereof, upon which shall be accurately delineated the positions and dimensions of the existing alley way or ways, and a subdivision of the entire area of the alley or alleys, sought to be closed into parcels according to an agreement of all said owners for the future ownership of the same, the name of the agreed futnro owner of each parcel being marked thereon, and showing also the position aud dimensions of the new alley way or ways proposed to bc substituted therefor, it shall bethe duty of said Commissioners, upon being satisiiod of the truth of the facts stated in the petition as to ownership and of correctness of the plot, and also that tho proposed change will not be detrimental to the public convenience, to make an order doclaring the existing alley-way or ways closed as prayed for, and opening tho new alley wav or ways proposed to be substituted therefor m.2. That: tho Commissioners shall mmos copyoftho ‘ order to be attached to the plot and hn tho»o who ‘ may Ric the ammo for record with the recorder of doodsof the who sia.}! rooord tho sumoas other instruments affecting rea.} estate, and thereafter tho right of the public to use the alloy-way or ways declared closed, and the proprietary interest of the United States therein, slmH ‘fcrc»vcr ccaseaud determine, and the title to tho same shall be vested according to the agreement of the owners as shown in the aforesaid plot, each person being thencoforward the oggncr in foosimplc of the pamol or parcels upon which his name shall be marked as provided in section one. The new alley way or ways described in said order and delineated on said plot shall thereafter be and remain dodicabodto public usc as alloy-ways, and like other alleys of said City, shall be under the cam and control of tha City Authorities Approved, July 6, 1882. CHAP. 273.-—An act in regard to a monumental column to commemorate the bottle Ju1y·6, IBQ. of Monmouth. · ········7·‘··‘**· Whereas an association by the name of “Tho Monmouth Battle Mon- Honumeqt in ` umont Association ", incorporated by tho legislature of the State of New &P;f Jersey, secured by grant a portion of the battloiold of Monmouth for mmm the purpose of emctring a monument thereon, which hand is now held in mmum trust for such object- and Whereas under as {aw of said State passed March fourteenth, o1ghteau hundred and eightyono, a commission has been appointodm atop; a monument thereon and improve tho grounds; and .