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248 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 389. 1882. ers, who shall be surgeons of education, skill and experience in their profession, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; twelve chiets of division, at two thousand dollars each ; law clerk, two thousand dollars ; thirty-five principal examiners for review board, at two thousand dollars each; twenty-four assistant chiefs of division, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; sixtyhve clerks of class four; ninety-five clerks of class three; three hundred and ninety clerks of class two; three hundred and nmety-eight clerks of class one; two hundred and fifty clerks, at one thousand dollars each; one superintendent of buildings, one thousand four hundred dollars; two engineers, at one thousand two hundred dollars each; one hundred and fifty copyists at nine hundred dollars each; forty copyists at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; twenty messengers; twenty live watchmen; and twenty live laborers; in all, gréguliilgpn nine hundred and fifty seven thousand one hundred and o rs. Per diem. etc., Forperdiem when absent from home on du· for tra l' - ·*'°;h*:='¤l¤¤8 •¥· iners, in lieu otlexpenses of subsistence, not excetgdiug thrgg dbllaigpgr - Lsgmlm day, and for actuail and necessary expenses for transportation, three wssat. SB. ¤¤d¤¤Uh0¤¤¤lld ollars. An the provisions of section li.fty-fourh - ' dred and eightyive of the Revised Statutes shall be applicable to m person who hall violate the provisions of an act entitled “An act relating claim agents and attorneys in pension cases," approved June 1*;*:3*:-· M nm twentieth eighteen hundred and seventy eight. Provided, That the ,,,1,,,,.,] wut, ggvaezggdnggtlspdfosepgntll dermty commissioner? be sucéi as are cunnidnuera. _ _ e epu comnussionero pensions- an in case 3f.2§.?‘“’.t.¤'°°.l5$:.’§2“a,?.'.1°°tl‘.$°2i;’s’1 °{§"“€““ °" "*‘°-"°““;"“t€}°l'I.°' "*” _ _ 1 pu y commissioner unoessoris appointed, or such absence or sickness ceases, and in cgsiudf the like absence of the Commissioner and lirst deputy commissioner, mmm t t: deputy comnnssioncr shall act as Commissioner in like gun ex- or contingent expenses of the oiicc, namely: For carpo ma ’°"”‘·~ furniture, awnings, and repairs the same; for fuel, gas, ant;¢;’re£i mg heaters and elevators; engraving and retouching plates for bounty- land wan·:mts, and printing and engraving the same; engraving and printing pension-certificates and pension checks; and for other expenses of the office, mcluding two daily newspapers, and cost of tele phing, sixty therasand dogirls; and {Ike sum of twenty thousand ddhars _ _ _ a ann t t fiscal '. _- _ _ ammttsett. mms- ‘f...3`“'°“ ’°“‘” "’ ““’°"’ °""’ mgmmiseeeu or _ UNIT‘;E;Zl P:.T§NT 01g;m.——For compensation of the Commis- ._,- m . ¤1¤¤¤1'_ _ n lice thousand Eve hundred d llnrs· for

,,,1 assistant oto;m’ , usand' dglars; for chief glerk_,,two

mm V n an - Hare- examm' a threethousaud dolhrseach·exam? iii me ‘ mmching t hound am lm :-8, trm;nerm·kcharge_ of interferences, two . . a am' designs, at two thousand four hundredmdollagealtnlhlfartxraizalril ?thregmrii)1f cipal examiners, at two thousand four hundred dollzirs each); twentp·six Bret assistant examiners, at one thousand eight hundred dbllars y h · twenty-six second assistant examiners, at one thousand s`x h cdcred dollars each; twenty-six third assistant examiners at on] than d four hundred dollars each· twenty-five fourth assistant ex; fmsmt one thousand two hundred, dollars each· one ilnancial clerk Itunuth, a sand dollars, who shall give bonds in srich amount as the Sbcretar;bi’ the lntenorinay determine; one librarian, two thousand dollars· three chiefs of dmsion, at two thousand dollars each- threet t h' ts of division, at one thousand eight hundred dollars ahélstm cl N of class four- one machinist th ‘ mewc c "ks clerks of ch H _, one ousand six hundred dollars; four . iree (one ot whom shall be translator of languages)- nfteen clerks of class two; forty ilve clerks of class one· one k'lled Iaborer,»one thousand two hundred dollars- four skilled drain lht men, at one thousand two hundred dollars edch; three draughtsfied,