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1·`OR'l'Y-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 389. 1882. 249 at one thousand dollars each; thirty permanent clerks at one thousand dollars each; om: messenger mul purchasing clerk, one thousand dollnrs; five model auttemlamts, at mw thousand dollars each ; ton model attendants, at aight lnumh·e·•l dollars cmeh; ninety copyists, one of whom shall be :1 dmughtsman; thrty five skilled laborers, at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; thrty laborers, at six hundred dollars each; twenty tivo laborers, at form hundred and eighty dollars each; and iiftmn laborers, at three hundred and sixty dollars each; in all, tivo hundred m;: fgriy eight tggusaud eight hundred dollars. .

 `or o 0 lowing a itional forcc heretofore a'd froA ld ‘ t' nn

lmns “ thr plnotolithographing or otherwise reprodiiclng colrgezpcgrglggi °l€*'l;¤ ;¤°¥;:°f°¤'¤ l||g8’ ’1 Two clerks at one thousand dollars each; six copyists; and four PEM f'°'“ .°u‘°' copynsts at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; in all, tem thou- t,:u,4:¥{?£° °P` sag! two hundred and eighty dollars. A P P ` •0r contingent and miscellaneous c f th P t t Om C in u - namely: For construction and repair o§p1:r£1(5-<?ases,‘;tata;0$xr<;ry,;m£l·‘;l1ZP°¤:;1:· ga t ox folnos for drawings, furniture, ca rpets, ice, advertising, moneys refunded, printing engraved patenbbcads, paper for the saino, international cxchanges, and other necessary chica expenses, twenty-five thousand dollars. For purchase of books for a. scientific library for tho Patent 01500, B•>¤k¤· liv; thm&and dollars. , . ‘ or p tolithograpbing or otherwise producin latosf th Otii i·l . i °Q'*P ‘ Gazette, twenty-nina ejqllmzg, . g P or 0 C d :1*;% ¥$°;;*;'}:;: ;°:§

 For glagtdrghogrgghuxg or Stlmrwnsc gkmduciug cgxios of tl? weekly (:.,;;,;..1;.;;,,,.,1-,

names rawmgs patents, vsigns, an trade mu ·s, forty- vc thouand dollars. Fm- phomlithegnphing or otherwise reproducing copies of drawings destroyed or damaged by irc or otherwise exhausted thirty-four thou- - sand seven hundred and twenty dollars; the work 0} said ph0t0litho— graphing, or otherwise producing plates and copies, referred to in this and tha two preceding paragraphs, to be done under the supervision Of the Commissioner of Patents, and in tho city of Wmbmgg, if it cam bc there done at rewuabl¤.rat¤¤; and th6G0mmi$im1u· Patent, . under the direction of the Secretary of the ·I¤uri¤r,is mtharimd to Contacts. make contracts therefor._ ‘ ~ Bmuuu or Enucnrom-For tha Commissioner of Education, dum cummsunmmr thousand dollars; collector and compiler of statistics, two thousand E¤¤<¤*=*¤¤· ¤hi¤f four hundred dollars; chief clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars- gif;; °'°'“· "‘d two clerks of class four; one statistiuisn, one thousand eight hundred dollars; two clerks of class three; one translator, one thousand six hundred dollars; four clerks of class two- six clerks of class one; two clerk t 0 thousand dollars h tlc cop; ists two copyists t s a ua · can · so u * · a eight hundred dollars each; one coéyist, seven hundred and twenty dollars; one assistant messenger; two laborers; two laborers at four hundred smd eighty dollars each; one laborer, four hundred d0llarsone m zaxxksixty dollars; in all, forty-four thousand live u or 0 . For contingent expenses, namely: Cases for library, tivo hundred Contingent exdollars; library, one thousand dollars; current ulucqtnonal pcr1od1g::i P°¤°°'· two hundred and fifty dollars; {vger cu5mn&publ1mh?ns,qT:3b%n and twenty-tive d · compa ug v ua e sc s 0 pcm aca s an publications in the lib;·ary, two hundred dollars; telegraphing and expmsnsgo, two hundred dollars; c0lloc&ng stzgtiitics for spe3i1l moports, and circulars of infomation two thousand wc nndrod 0 - hrs- fuel and lights, four hundred dollars; 0Mcc furniture, two hundred, and my dollars; other necessary qlicc expenses, seven hundred and Mty dollars; an all, five thousand mne hundred and seventy-five l For the distribution and exchange of educational documents, and for whiz? :::1 tha collection, exchange, and cptalogunng of edncamcnal appamtpspnd ::°ti°§:{’ d u; appliances, articles of school turmtura, and models of school-bmldmgs mmm _,_c