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252 FORTY SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 389. 1882. '1'hi¤LA¤¤i»t=mt For third assistant postmaster-gencral,_four thousand dollars; chief P°'*£=:j"‘G°'*°'; clerk, two thousand dollars; chief of divnsnon of dead letters, two thoujh °'k"" sand two hundred and fifty dollars; cgiiief of division of postage smgnps, two thousand two hun and fifty 0· seven c er s 0 'c ass ournineteen clerks of class three; thirty clerks oi class two; fortyone clerks; of class one; six clerks at one thousand dlolliars eachil ten fcnmle olerlcs at one thousand two hundred dollars eac · orty-eig themu o c er ·s at nine hundred dollars each; three assistant, messengers; eight laborers; four female laborers, at four hundred and eighty dollars each; in all, two hundred and lifteen thousand two hundred and snxty dollars. A d d i t i on 41 For the following additional force in the office of the third assistant ¤¥¤¥*• Mmm postmaster-general heretofore paid from the appropriation for temguu °" ""‘P°""'·V pornry employees: lfbree clerks at one thousand dollars each ; six female clerks at nine hundred dollars each; and six female clerks at seven hundred and twenty dollars each; in all, twelve thousand seven hundred . and twenty dollars. ent For superintendent of foreign mails, three thousand dollars; chief ¤¢` clerk, two thousand dollars; one clerk of class tour; three clerks of dan · claus three; one clerk of class tvro; Svouogerkstgt one ilhousanxll dogg A · mmzmstant messenger- lll a een thousand seven un and {meaty dollars. _ 1 , Superintendent For superintendent of the moneyorder system, three thousand dol- °*` "°*°]!‘°n5:_: lars; chief clerk, two thousand dollars; six clerks of class four; eight "md'°°°t"{m¤_ elerks; oglazs three ilve olerlkelof class two; ten clerks of class one; wo cer a one t usau dollars each- five clerks at nine hundred gollars 01:10 messenger; tlnree laborers; in all, fifty-six ousan eig t un ollars. • ` Additional om— _ For the following additional force required in the building or build-

 mxfg mgq occupied by the onice of the moneyordor system, namely: One

ul eugmeer, one thousand dollars; one lineman; three watcbmen; and four laborers; m all, six thousand five hundred and forty dollars. _ _ nmuu an eau For miscellaneous expenses money·order office, including fuel, gas, ice, ¤P¤¤¤¤· owashmg, soap, towelsébbrnshoashcigpmss charges, and other necessary _ _ _ _ ee expenses, seven thousand dollars. 0f*?;'ff1°**\¤*¤¤¤ For odlee of mail deprcdacions: Chief clerk, two thousand dollars; www one clerk of class three; two clerks of class two; live clerks of class one· two clerks at one thousand dollars each; one assistant messenger; T m ull, llheeu thousand one hundred and twenty dollars. gm infor ber,t.wo thousand live lnunudfred doll? For the followfome rn mpographeis olive, here ore paul' m rinti n _ “i7or the preparation and publication of poslnoute mpipwg clergs of class four; three clerks of class three; two clerks of class two; live clerks of class one; two clerks at one thousand dollars each; seventeen female clerks at nine hundred dollars each; one assistant map mounter, at seven hnnidlmegnmnd Qwenty dollars; two wutchmen; and one assistant dtessenn ger, , tlm·ty·mne thousand eight hundred and eighty Disbuniqgclerk Foroffice of disbursing clerk and superintendent of bu’ld' · D'

  • 1 ;'P;:ndh”“¤d·K’ bnrsing clerk and superintendent, two thousand one huud:·ednd€>11ax}ssl

mh M ··**··*— 3”§§‘Z.fZ2*..‘1£$'°§‘{»‘I.,..‘“°°°'“‘lr¤..“¤}L‘.£‘§’ E. °"3£I{"5 ‘{f"'“““ ‘““"°"°°"°"* neer, one thousand dollars; one iireman w1(loasr1iullml?e:;SSoSlat:k;x$1?§ moe hundred dollars; one fireman, who shall be a steamtlttcr nine hun! dred dollars · one ilreman, seven hundred and twenty dollar; · one uu-. neuter, one tlnousuud tvao hundred dollars; one assistant carpenter, one thousand dollars; captain of the watch one thousand dollars· for ninezecin watchman and twentyaeven laborers one plumber, nine hundred < o lurs· one awning maker, nine hundred ll · `n l- u- Cmmu t u sanvd one lrumlred and twenty dollars. - 0 am, I al ’ muy su um Fm I _ or con mgent expensea of the Post-Office Departm tz F stu-

  • °“'°'¤” mg? tnonery aw blank books, nine thousand dollars; fuel, anxfior regain to

engme, nlers, and heating apparatus lbr the General Postr0f1I0e