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1··0n·rY-sEvEm·u com Gnnss. sms. 1. cu. ssc. 1ss2. 253 building, including the Audito1·’s chico, four thousand four hundred dollars; for gas, five thousand dollars; plumbing and gas fixtures, three thousand one hundred dollars; telegmphing, five thousand dollars; painting, four thousand dollars; carpets, four thousand dollars; fumiture four thousand dollars; keeping of horses and repair of wagom: and harness, 0ne·th0usand five hundred dollars; hardware, one thousand five hundred dollars; for rent of t0p0gmphe1·’s office, one ~ thousand five hundred dollars; for rent of 2 suitable building or buildings for the use of the money-order office of the P0st·0Hice Department, and of the money-order division of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post»(;Ece 121cpurtnl1entGeight thousand dollars; miscellaneous itsms, nine thousand one un ollars; in a.ll,sixty theusan one hun red dollars. For the publication of copies of the Official Postal Guide, twenty-six _P¤\>li¤bi¤1éQ¤· thousand five hundred dollars; and hereafter the annual report of the °"“ P°°“" ““l°· · Poletmaster-Geneml shall not bepublished in Ogigal Posts! guido. or miscellaneous expenses of the topograp s ce in the prep- Mneellaneous mation and publication of the postrroute maps,” twelve thousand live °¤P::l_,=°¤°¢g W908- hundred dollars, the same having heretofore been paid from the appro- "P""•*""‘ priution for “ preparation and publication of post-route maps!' And Publication mn ` the Postmaster General may authorize the publication and sale of post- Mb of vw-¤>¤¤¤ route maps to individuals at the costjhereoi, the proceeds of said sales '““P° “° "°"‘· 1:0 be applied as a further sppmpnauon for smd purpose. JUDICIAL Oufml 0I Tl! .§.T!0KEY·GKKERAL.—Fo! compensation of the Compensation of Attorney-Genud, eight thousand dollars; Solicitor-General, seven thou· gxkwxgiw; sand dollars; three assistant attorneysgeneral, at ilve thousand dollars ,,6,,,,6, ,, 8,.,, I I each ; one usmstsmt alztorney-tgeixlremlgxf the Post.-Uiiicte Dengrtment., fgur md cum, thousand dollars; so icitor o e in emo revenue, our ousond ve hundred dollars; examiner of claims, three thousand ilve hundred dol- s lnrs; law clerk and examiner of titles, two thousand seven h¤ndred dollars; chief clerk and exomcio nnpczintendentof the ; pyro thousand two hundred dollars; sumogmplne clerk, one enght hundred dollars; two law clerks at two thonund dollars got; ve clerks of class four; additional fordiobursing clerk and clerk lll charge of pardons, two hundred dollars each; one clerk of class three; one clerk of class two; four clerks of class one; one telegraph operator at one thousand dollars; six eopyists; one messenger; three assnstans messengers; three laborers; three watclmren; one engmcer, one thonsnnd dollars; superintendent sg the] bugdmg, t\v0(l1nud1·;¢l elxhttg dollars; and one fireman; in eighty- 've t ousuu our uu un ten dollars. _ . For ghe following assistant attorneys and others heretofore pald from n°·;?·=:n=*;¤l¤* appropriations as follows, namely: From upproprmpou for "· detending mnt0fom, pam suits in claims against the) United State:," ;:womuss1smn¥;tut‘I;¢;1l::s5·s at g,:;".,,;,,,, , y,,,,, dues thousand dollars enc · three assis nn ¤ r¤cyS,¤ W ¤¤=¤¤¢| ¤ •m»¤>vr¤•- llve hundred dollars each ; one assistant attorney, at lwo thousand dol- 3**** lars · one clerk of class one; one copyxst; and ono ussmtunt messenger; in all, eighteen thousand three hundred nn;} twentyyvuollarsi. k f From n riation for ** roscoution crimes, one c er 0 class three, mdpgmzluk of class {wo; in all, threenthonsonel dollars. From appropriation for *2 support of convncts, cnc clerk of class three. _ ent ex lenses of the department, namely: For fnrmture Ccnungent ex- For coming { _ _ mu and repalrhlorac thonsnml dollarsé for nwhagixmuggguzbcxs for P0 libr] of e rtmen -, one thousand v _ a ; s ar tionery, one thougaand five hundmd_d0llm·s; for xmscelluneous tures, muh as tclegmplunz, fucl,l1ghts, labor, and other neoessarnen, buildin seven thousand- one hundred and sxxty lnelndln relnldn of 8» , dolhrcgdn , eleven thousand one hundred and snxty dollars.