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260 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 390. 1882. ‘ Fun, li etc., r li h water and miscellaneous items required by the jzmitors F"' P“mg}’mi'“““‘ ungomgkn gl tiho proimcr care of tho buildings, furniture, and boating "}g°.1$md°' mx apparatus, such as brooms, mops, brushes, buckcts, xvhodbarrows, gmwm shovels, saws, hatchats, and hammers, for all public buildings under ccntzrol of the Treasury Department, for tho year eighteen hundred and eighty-one, fii1:y·six thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ Ehicago. For labor in fitting up vaults, and so forth, ior puhhc buildings under Treasury Department at Chicago, being ni doficwnoy for the year eighteen hundred and eighty, two hundred and soventy-n1uc dollars and thirty·0uo cents. mmm, Fal; For furniture and repairs of furniture for public buildings, nomclyz mm,H¤¤i•bu¤g, For chandeliers, gas-fixtures, and similar ueocssamos for bmldmgs at N*•h'm°» U**°*· Hartford, Fall River, Harrisburg, Nashville, and Utica, now completed and waiting furniture, seventeen thousand four hundred and ton dollars. Drapiug public For dmping public buildings at the time of the death of tho lam h¤mi¤8*» ¤*°· President James A. Garfield, tivo thousand dollars. George Huston. For oompensationto George ]{3l`St0l1,1\SSiSt3Dt Treasury agent at tho Alaskan scaldslands, forty-eight days, at the rate of one thousand four hundred smd sixty dollars per annum, one hundred and ninety-two dollars. ` Selma Siobcrt. To pay to Sclmar Siebcrta amount of judgment rendered in his favor by the Court of Claims and contained in report of said court numbered two hundred and sixty-tivo, Thirty-sixth Con gross, second session, seven Photo, hundred and thirty-ono dollars and eighty-three cents: Provided, That H me no thx; sum sléall be uccegatclg itnfull ofall dcmsgndséty d G B . , 9 rtA.Gi opa crbcrt A. `,ourbundr0dan 0l1ars,t0 . IOWD °·B‘°“°°°d°· Goode one thousand dollars, for performing special services in connec- _ tion with tho Census Department. Dm! ¤¥¤>¤¤¤¢- To pay to tha legal mpmscutatives of Eben Evclctb, late mmmisi::m° m’°“ siouor of tk300D1U of Claims, for services rendered bysaid Evoloth and ‘ his legal assistant, Evo thousand dollars. _ Repayment to For repayment to importers the excess of deposits for unascortainod

‘§g’*°%`° ?°°°’ duties, or duties or other moneys paid under protest, including interest

P°°“°’ ° °' and costs in judgment cases, three hundred thousand dollars, which sum ‘ is hereby made available for the payment of all claims to which tho uppropriation is applicable which are not payable from the permanent R. S. 3689, 726. annual sxppropriation provided for in section thirty-six hundred and P»·••6••. eighty-nine of the Revised Statutes: Provided, That no portion of this appropriation shall- be expended for the_p:1ymont_0f claims known as . *•chm·ges and commissions cases! C h ggges md To enable the Secretary of tho Treasury, in his discretion, to pay, or _ °°*¤¤!¤¤°¤¤°••••- compromise upon such terms ag ho may deem proper, claims in what are ganloggools gohurgoa and commxsswns casc·s,” one hundred and iifcy thoua w.¤¤d J.S1¤a¤o, To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay to W. and J. Sloane of New York, the value of and duties on certain merchandise imported by them, and which, after payment of duties, was sold by the collector as New York by mistake as unclaimed goods, one thousand and seven· _teen dollars and thirty-thrco cents. _s ohmi dt and To refund to Schmidt and Ziegler, of New Orleans, ninety-one dollars ZW8X"- and sixtyfour cents, being the amount paid by them und covered into the Treasury us sn finc equal to and in lion of duties upon certain cigar- R. B. 2804, 542. ethos imported in violation of section twenty-eight: hundred aud four of tho Revised Statutes, but which were exported without leaving the custody of the customs oihcials. William H. To pay William H. Johnson, an amount: sumcicnt to cover payments Johnson. made: by him to certain supervisors of election in Now York city for Pamm. legal scrviccs rendered by the same: Pruvirled, That the amount does _ _ not exceed one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five dollars. nefmim K Spur- Thnt the Secretary of the fI'rc:1sury be, and ho is hereby, authorized ‘ ond dnrcctgzd to credit Francis E. Spinner, Into Treasurer of the United bmtes, with the sum of forty- seven thousand and ninety-ucvcn `