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FORTY- SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I . Ch. 390. 1832. 261 dollars and sixty-tive cents, amount of the deficiency of J unc second, eighteen hundred and seventy-tive, carried to his debit. on the books of the Register of the Treasury, per Auditor’s report numbered two lumdred thousand nine hundred and twenty-tive; and he is further authorized and directed to pay to the Treasurer of the United States, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of six hundred and fifty dollars and sixty-one cents, to reimburse said Treasurer for an amount appearing on his books as a deficiency and known gs the deficiency of February eighteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- ve. · . To enable the Secretary of the Treasury th pay to the State of Kansas Direct tax, Kaufifteen per centum of the amount of her quota of the direct tax of W- eighteen hundred and sixty-one, on account of the proper costs for assuming the collection of the same, ten thousand seven hundred and sixty-one dollars and fifty cents. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to refund to the sureties of C. H. Davis. C. H. Davis, late postmaster at Vernon Springs, Alabama, the amount collected upon a judgment of court in excess of the actual amount due the United States from said postmaster, as appears of record in the onice of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Postuilice Department, seven hundred and thirty-one dollars and seven cents. For amount due Enos Richmond for salary and expenses as agent of Enos Richmondthe late Southern Claims Commission, being a deficiency for the liscal year eighteen hundred and eighty, two hundred and fifteen dollars and ninetysix cents. · . WAR DEPARTMENT. To adjust an account for postage on odicial mailmatter furnished by Adjustment of the Post·0dice Department for the use of the War Department and its ¤·<>¤<>¤¤¤ M P°¤°· bureaus, the appropriation to involve the payment of no money from "g°• °t°‘ the Treasury, being for the service of the year eighteen hundred and ` seventy-eight, ten thousand seven hundred and eighty-three dollars and thirty cents. . . EILITABY B8‘! ./ " _ Qummnmsrnn’s Dm>Anr1mm·.-·Transportation of theArmy, in- · rrmqm-mum, cluding baggage of the troops when moving either by land or water Mwelothin , camp and garrison equipage, from the depots of Philadelphia and Jegersonville to the several posts and Army depots, and irom those depots to the troops in the tield; of horse-equipments and of subsistence stores from the place of purchase and from the place of delivery, under contract to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to he sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small-arms from the founderies and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, froptier pgsts, andArmydepots· bei wharfa to -and ferriages; the purc asc and hire of horses muwoxw, an€lB7 and the purchase_and repair of wagons, carts, and drays, and of ships and other sea-going vessels and boats required for the transportation or supplies, and for gar-. rison purposes; for drayage and cartage at the several posts ; hue of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay and other disbursmg departments; the expense of sailing public transports on the various rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as, from their situation, require it to be brought from a distance and for clearing roads and for removing obstructions from roads, harhors, and rivers to the extent which may be required for the actual operations of the troops in the held for the year eighteen hundred and eighty-one, four hundred thousand dollars; and for the your eighteen hundred and eighty-two, five hundred thousand dollars. For the payment of Army transportauon lawfully due such land- Psymsnswrsigg ut railroads as have not received aid in government_beuds, tohe ad- G',m'·:_P°”“"““1_h,,0n_ issuted by the proper accounting officers in accordance with the decisions