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262 ronrrsnvnmzn coscnnss. ssss. 1. cn. soo. 1ss2. of the Supreme Court in cases decided under such land-grant acts, but in no case shall more than nity per centum of the full amount of the service be paid, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars: hasn. Provided That such compensation shall be computed upon the basis of the rates for like transportation performed for the public at large, and shall be accepted as in full for all demands for said services: And provided further, That any such land-grant roads as shall iile with the Secretary of the Treasury their written acceptance of this 1)I‘0VlSl011 shall hereafter be paid for hke services as herein provided: and all accounts of such railroads for services heretofore rendered shall be audited and paid as herein provided upon application of such roads and then- - acceptance of such sum in full of all claims for such services. Agents, quu- The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and ¢hreoted_to cause to

  • ¤¤¤¤¤*¤¤'¤D¤P¤*· be paid, out of any nnexpended balance of the appropriation for inc1-

'“°“°· P‘Y“"'" *°‘ dental expenses of the Quartermastefs Department for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, to twenty agents of the Quartermastefs Department, employed by Major J. J. Dana, quartermaster, United States Army,_the amounts deducted from their salary during the last quarter of said hscal year, not to exceed four thousand seven hundred dollars. I liseellmcous. US. mnq For support of military prisouat Fort Leavenworth: I»¤•v¤¤w¤r¤T:1:,· For purchase of subsistence stores for issue to prisoners, three thou- P°'* °* sand dollars, and for repair of prison buildings, two thousand dollars, being for the service of the year eighteen hundred and eighty-two. Dcmctf Bishop, For the payment to Demott Bishop (carpenter), N. Mayer (black- §;,:•¥°'» J-?;?} smith), Joseph Valentine (engineer) John T. Carroll (stonemason), and O , ,. ml nj Charles Schmidt (quarryman), employed in the military prison at Fort I • . Charles Schmidt, Leavenworth, Kansas, for balance of pay due for the tlscal years eight- ‘ payment to. een hundred and seventy-eight and eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, two hundred dollars each, one thousand dollars. Extra-duty pay For the payment of extraduty pay to enlisted men engaged in the

  • °°”*”*°d ’”°“· construction, maintenance, and repair of military telegraph lines irom

July drst, eighteen hundred and seventy-five to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, inclusive, nine thousand dollars. Hunan mins- For amount required for payment of Montana volunteers for services

  • °°”· in the war with the Nez Perce Indians in eighteen hundred and seventy-

seven, as reported by Colonel John Gibbon, of the Seventh Infantry, six thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine dollars. »· ,

¤!l'l|IS For amount required to pay for supplies lost in the service of the

United States in the war with the Nez Perce Indians, as reported by Colonel Thomas H. Ruger, of the Eighteenth Infantry, commanding the district of Montana, three thousand seven hundred and my dollars. Ch¤·Is•H.Whit- For amount required to effect a transfer in the settlement of the acfdvy. ¤¤¤¤•¤•d· counts of Charles H. Whittelsey, deceased, late a captain in the Thirteenth United States Infantry (sixteen dollars), involving no expenditure of money, he being a creditor to the amount of sixteen dollars under the appropriation for “Magazine for storing gunpowder, eighteen hundred and seventy-one and prior years," and a debtor to the same amount under the appropriation for “Ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies, eighteen hundred and seventy-one and prior years," as per certitlcate of the Second Comptroller numbered nine hundred and thirty-seven, July fourteen th, eighteen hundred and eightyone. . Arrenrs of play to For payment of amounts for arrears of pay to two and three year vol-

  • "¤ Mid * ¤‘°° unteers who served in the war of the rebellion, which may be certined

Y°"' '° ““°°°"‘ to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasury Department, up to ‘ June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, one hundred and Baum to Wl_ fifteen thousand dollars. un,,,,,,], manu _ For payment of amounts for bounty to volunteer soldiers who served and hun. in the war of the rebellion, and their widows and legal heirs, which may