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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 390. 1882. 263 bc Gqrtlhcd to be dup lyy the accounting officers of the Treasury Department, np to Juno thxrtmth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, two hundred and thnty thousand dollars. · For payment of arrears of pay to odiccrs and soldiers of the United mem of pay. States Army, which may be certified to be due by the accounting officers of the Treasmhy Department, up to J uma thirticth, eightccn hundred and mghty-three, vo hundred and fifty thousand dollars. For payment of amounts for additional bounty under the act of July A 4 4 i t g 0 n ,, 1 twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, which may be ccrtiiicd boungy. to be due by the accounting officcrs of the Treasury Department up to M "°"-· 322- ilunc thirticth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, eighty thousand do1~ ars. _ Tg constxzuct a pa.sscngex··e1cvat0r in the Providence Hospital build- Pa•¤¤¤g4u·-¤1¤- __ mg lll the mty of Washington, District of Columbia, three thousand live "°·*°‘Z· P¤°'m°¤°° hundred dollars. H°“P‘“'·l· T0 pay J 01m H. Morgan, as acting sergeant-at-mms of the ccmmittcc John H. Morgan, of the Senate required to investigate the Cheyenne Indian raid of eight- P*¥'¤°¤* W- asn huudmd and seventy-eight, twenty day’s service, one hundred and twenty dollars. NAVY DEPARTMENT. NAVAL :¤s1·Am.1smmNr N¤W· For the following sums for the Navy and bureaus of tho Navy Department., namely: _ ugaé}! ax;»u1ncs of the Navy, ilftoen thousand sux hundred coumgcm ex- . P°“'°'· For contain thexpenses of the Bureau of uipmem and Recruitin mquipmcne ma twelve dollars. Eq g, B¤¤¤¤i¤i¤g· d Igor cuutiugmnt expenses of the Bureau of Navigation, two thousand Navigmun. o ars . h For coxhtianlgent expenses of the Bureau of Ordnance, one thousand tivo omumw. undmd 0 srs. . For the Bumauuf G¤nm·ucti0u and Rqm seventy tivo thousand counucuon dollars. J fJ ‘ ¤¤iB¤1>•i1‘· . For the Bureau cfStaam hmlvc thaw su»¤mE¤zi¤<>¤r~ sand dollars. . ‘ ‘ i¤z· For legal expenses incurred by Bcar—Admiral John L. Wcrdm in do- John L. Wufcuding the suit of Bernard Maurice apinst himfog alleged damages an- _ _ caused by the Official acts of said Admiral Worden m tché discharge of · his duty while superintendent of the Naval Academy h eighteen jumdred and seventy two, being on account of tho service of the year mghtccn hundred and eighty two, seven hundred and fifty dollars. _ _ T0 complete the measurement of the velocity of light, and to publxsh "{fm°?:;'”°’;*°{*i* bf drawings of the apparatus, two thousand dollars. _ M g For aummd mimagc to naval ohiccrs and officers of tha Manne Corps Amman manage under the at approved Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy to Navy omccm. six, in ncccrdiuco with the dedsicm of the Supreme Court in thocasa of the United States versus Temple, ilfty thousand dollars. _ For accrued longevity pay at cheers of the Mnrhnc Corps, m accord- Accrued longevanco with the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of the United ;Q'&n2§é"f:;_f” States versus Tyler, twenty ive thousand dollars. tum! 0031*8. Marine com- , For clothing for the Marino Corps, nineteen thousand aix hundred and Cmhing. veignty one dollars. _ _ _ . _ _ 0 meet expenses at the several marmo stauous, and at the anszstant Iannov mmm. qnnrtmnuamfn omce, for fmigl¤t,_fcrriago, toll, cartag? funeral upensqs •°°· - of marinus, stationery, wlcgraphnng, apprehension donortzaro, rspgr of and Water fixtures, two thousand five hundred dollamt · Tr im, lynx upenn: for transportation of troops and of rocmxtinghscrv- M, w°,,,mi,'°°° im, three thousand dollars. im