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322 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 433. 1882. " Fort McKinney- To enable the Secretary of War to have completed the military posi: nt Fort McKinney, in Wyoming Territory, twenty-tivo thousand dollars. S1:. Paul. For the erection of a building for a quartermaster and comnnssary depot at St. Paul, Minnesota, for the Department of Dakota, forty- p,.,,,;,,,_ eight thousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That lot three end the lower portion of lot four, block thirty-one, Saint Paul proper, oflered to _ the United States for the erection and maintenance of said building thereon, be conveyed without cost to the United Stqtes for said purpose ’1‘it1eto¤iu,¤te. by a good and sutfncient deed, which together w1tl1 the title to the premises shall be approved by the Attorney-Geuera.1_ of the United ` States, and no money shall be expended untnl said title is perfected. Soanmllouwest ·For completing :1 sezmvall already commenced on the west side of M8 G°*¤1¤<¤"¤ Goveruor’s Island, New York Harbor, and constructing a. sea—wa.ll on m‘“d· its southeastern portion, thirty-nine thousand dollars. Tmusienii p au- For the support and medical treatment of transient paupers: For the FM W***¤¤K*°“· mre, support and medical treatment of seventy-tivo transient paupers, ‘c‘ medical and surgical patients, in the city of Washington, under as com tract to be made with such institution as the Surgeon-General of the Army may select, fifteen thousand dollars. Artiiicid limbs. For artificial limbs: For furnishing artificial limbs and appliances or— commutation therefor, and transportation, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of War, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars together with the unexpended balance of appropriations heretofore madefor said purposes: surgical nppli- For appliances lor disabled soldiers: For providing surgical appli- NW9! anees for persons disabled in the military or naval service of the United States, and not entitled to artihciol limbs, two thousand dollars. Nuioml Home For the support of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Solgmgi¤££d°;¤P diors as follows : . Dayton, Ohio. For current expenses, including construction and repairs, at the-Cem tml Branch, at Dayton, Ohio, six hundred and eightvtwo thousand tivo hundred and forty-six dollars and thirty-two cents. Milwaukee, For current expenses, including construction and repairs, at the Wi¤· Northwestern Branch, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one hundred and nity- one thousand six hundred and nineteen dollars and twenty-nine cents; Emu-n Branch. For current cxpensegi including construction and repairs, at the Exit- '1'¤z¤¤» MM em Bmpleéil, at Togus, aime, one hundred and forty-seven thousand and twenty ars. - H¤¤»p¢¤¤,v•. For current expenses, including construction and repairs, at the Southern Branch, at Hampton, Virginia, one hundred and twenty live thousand nine hundred and two dollars and forty-two cents; ~ For outdoor relief and incidental expenses, fifteen thousand dollars; in ull, one million one hundred and twenty-two thousand and eighty- eight dollars and three cents. _ Leonard A.H¤·- That Colonel Leonard A. Harris, of Ohio, General James S. N egley, {”’· -5:::* gf: of Pennsylvania, and Colonel John A. Martin, of Kansas, be, and they §;Pwmmm“_ are hereby, appointed managers of the National Home for Disabled agen m gm wm,. Volimteer Soldiers to till vacancies occasioned by the expiration of the em, em. {Erme of olnce of Leonard A. Harris, Richard Coulter, and John A. pensions, Mc,, Tlrat all pensions and arrears of pensions payable or to be paid to due inmotes oth- pensioners who are or may become inmates of the National Home for mfoH Disabled Volunteer Soldiers shall be paid to the treasureus of said Bm home, to be applied by such treasururs as provided by law, under the rules und regulations of said home. Said payments shall be made by the pension agent upon a certiticute of the proper officer of the home that pho pensioner is an inmate thereof on the day to which said pension is drawn. The treasurers of said home, respectively, shall give security, to the satisfaction of the managers of said home, for the pay- ment und application by them of all arrears of pension and pensionmoneys they may receive under the aforesaid provision. And section