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368 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 448. 1882. W on - From Tazewell C. H. via Five Oaks, Head of Clinch, Springville, Blue m i Stone, and Fa.11’s Mills, to Pocahontas. _ From Thornville, via Bibb’s Store, to Louisa C. H. From Tolersville to Peake’s Cross Roads. From Michanx Ferry, via Jeiferson, to Powhatan C. H. From Oldbam’s via \Vhilabomb and Emmerton, to Sharp’s Wharf. From J enkin’s Bridge to Syke’s Island. _ From Gloucester Point to Benjamin A. Bowe’s Store (Guinea. Neck) From Milborough Springs to Matthew. P. Senbers. _ From Hillsville, via J. W. Matthews, L. F. Woltz’s. John Phillips, Dntchmans Branch, Martin Houk’s and Jackson Cox’s to Meadow Creek. From Chatham, via Burwellville, Sidon and Brosville to Stockton. From Hillsville, via L. F. Wo1tz’s, to Meadow Creek. From McGaheysvil1e to Hume’s Bun. From Hume’s Run to Millbank. From Bcads’ Wharf, via Wardtown and Franktown to Marionville. From Bremo Blulf to Fork Union. From West Point to Walkertown. - From Falmouth to Enon’s Store From Harrisonburgh, via. Paulington, Oakwood, O’Bourke's, Zirkles, and Caverns, to New Market. _ From Lester Manor to Idaho. From King William C H. to Idaho. From Palmyra, via Hadens Storlehto Keswick. From Boler Springs to Fort Mc ister. From Millborongh Springs to Charles Sitt1ington’s. From Millboro Depot to Charles Sittlington’s. From Locust Twyma.n’s, to Oak Park. From Port Repub `o to White Hall. ‘ From Millborough Springs to Long Dale. - From Locust Grove, via Iudiantown, to Lignum. From Dorset, at Powhatan Station, to Genito. From Blosserville to Miller. wm vrgaou; WEST VIRGINIA. ’ From Janelew via Kinclieloe and mouth of Tanner’s Fork on Kineheloe, to Cold Water. . From Clarksburgh via Lambert’s Run, to Shinnston. From Gladesville, via Hallock and Clinton Furnace to Uilington. From via Kingwood to Mason Town. _ From New terest to Meadowville. From Raccoon to Hallock. From Hallock, via Blaine, to White Day. From Glenwood to Milton. From Dial Book to Clarks Gap. From J arrold’s Valley, via Marsh, Fork of Coal to Coal River Marshes. From Cologne to Bipley’s. From Adkinsville, via Beech, Forks, of Twelve Pole to Cove Gap, From Gauley Bridge, via Middle Creek, to Clay C. H. " From Boydfs to Miller’s Camp Branch. From Farmington, to Cross Roads From North Spring to the Forks of Tug River. From Coon? Mg]; to Peyglona. - rom tax on . .via k River and Ston Creek. toWebs . , From Beplete, via Kraivs Mills and High Kinob, to Flatwoodu 0 H From Uniontown to Burton. From Bavenswood to Limestone Hill. Wheonnin; WISCONSIN. From Baldwin to Clear Lake. From Independence to Gilmantown