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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 448, 464. 1882. 369 From Lancaster to Cassville. Wi¤con¤m—Co¤- From Baraboo to Prairie Du Sec. ti¤¤°di From Kroghville to Cambridge. From gglivan Station to Rome. rom napee via Ma lewood and Saw er to tur . From Alban to,Iola. P y ’ S gum Bay From Donsman Station, via Weincr’s, to Sullivan. From Lnicoln Center, via Little Falls, Waggon Landing, Star Prairie, Somerset, and Houlton, Wisconsiii to Stillwater Minnesota. WYOBI IN G. WYOming; From Cheyenne to Silver Crown. From Fort Laramie to Hartville From Rawlins to Fort Washakie. WFrcom Rawlins via Stewards Ranche, to Wright’s Rancho on the Bad a r. From Fort Washakie via Wo0druH"s on Owl Creek, Baxter’s on Grass Creek, and Frank’s on Gray Bull Creek, to the Mammoth Hot Springs WASHINGTON TERRITORY _:Vashington'1\ei- H Ol']. From Spokane Falls, via Peona Prairie, Little Spokane, and Loon Lake, to Colville t Sprague, via 'Crab Creek, Cottonwood, Miles, and Long Prairie 0 0 From Crab Creek to Sedalia. From Elleushur%to Peshastin. From Colfax to armington. From Pomeroy to Peola. From Bickleton to Glade. ' From Battle Ground to Etna. From Miles to Che-we-lah. From Miles to Spokane Falls. _ From Columbus to Villard, Oregon. From Cottonwood to Brents. i From Cheney to Great Bend. From Yakima, via Snipe’s and Bickleton, to Willows Oregon. From La Conner to Padilla. From Prescott, via Harvey Shaw’s and Estes, to Perry. From Goldendale, via New Lebano, Pleasant, Rockdale, Wood Gulch, Cleveland Bickelton Glade, Alkalina, Larten, Columbus, and Swale, to eeiaemiafe. From Ellensburgh, via Swank to Peshastin. From Peshastin to Wenatchee. From Ellensburgh to Wenatchee. . From Ainsworth to Priest Rapids. _ From Priest Rapids, via Grainville, toYakuna. From Sassin, via Fairview, to Mondovx. From Prescott to Mullan. From Colville to Osooyoose. Approved, August 7, 1882. gap .- .for the construction of s ublie buildin at the u 3,]@, c*6* An Fhvr¥l€Vayne, in the Bute of Indisila. _ g Bc it enacted b the Senate and House of Representative: of the United States of Amcricellin Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- hgcrt W u y u c, ury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to purchase or other 1,;*,, c banding_ wise procure a suitable site for a public building, which site shall leave 1;,,,,,;,,,,,,, ,;,i,,_ the budding unexposed to danger from HPO_11I adjacent buildings by au open space not less than fifty feet, including streets and alleys, and xxri-24 .