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14 FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1882. Alabama; ALABAMA. From William Findley’s Mill to Davis Creek Post-Office. From Allen’s Factory to Hodges’ Post—Oilice. From Guntersville to Woodville. · From Whitney to Mnrphrees Valley. _ From Gaylesville, Alabama via Howel1’s Cross-Roads and K1rk’s Grove, to Cave Spring, Georgia. _ _ From Snake Creek Post-Office, Alabama, via Cordell, to Alpme, Fig;} Springville, via Branchville and Cook’s Mills, to Wolf Creek. · From Guntersville, via Minorville, to Lot. _ From Maplesville, via Beuson’s Mills, Wells’ Mills, to Verbena. From Coltonville to Honey. From Dowty to Herndon. From Gadsden to Masingale. From Gainestown to Choctaw Blnil`. From Mobile to Spring Hill. From Somerville to Bluif City. From Southern to Bean Bock From Estill’s Fork, Alabama, to Winchester, Tennessee. From Cuba Station, in Sumter County, to Kinterbish, in the same county. Arizona ; ARIZONA. From Fort Apache to Show Low. From Greaterville to Crittenden. From Cifton, Arizona, to Lordsbnrgh, New Mexico. From York’s Range, to Camp Lee, both in Graham County. From Tucson, via Oracle, American Flag, and Stratton’s Ranehe (N. O.) to San Catarina (N. O.) — lrknnus: . ARKANSAS. From Malvern, via Round Hill, to Fairview. From Sharmau, Arkansas to Timothee Louisiana. From Locksburg, via Jordan Brook and Silver Hill, to Cove. mlérom Hopeéxvpia De Ann, New Bridge, Marlbrook, and Hickory Creek, From Paris, Rich Mountain and Dardanclle Springs, to Dardane e. From Camden to Mount Holly. From Flowery, via Cass, to White Rock. - From Benton to Prattsville. From Little Bock, via Wells’ Ferry, Scotts Bridge, Surrounded Hill, Clear Lake, and Long Bridge, to Rob Roy. From Conway to Pinnacle Springs. From Ozark to Watalula. ` From Watalula Springs to Ozark. From Marshall, Searcy County, via Emerson’s Mills, to Liberty Springs, Van Buren County.

 Lead Hill, Boone County, via Cottonwood, to Omaha, Boone
 Limestone Valley Newton Coun via Bosto M tam,' C —

ville, and Beech Woods, tb Dry Fork, Cgroll County? mm ass _ Fro1n1CH1oo,'Beuton County, via Cincinnati, to Dutch Mills, Washmgto un . From Hope Hempstead CounSHill d Doole ’ Ferry to Texarkana; Miller County. ty, vm Pring an y 8 ’

 Texarkana, via Bookers Plantation, to Bright Star, in Miller,

From Linwood, via Garretson’s Landing, Swan Lake, Grecnbank,