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FORTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 27. 1883. 15 Bankhead, and New Gascony, to Linwood in J eiferson County. _ Arknn¤=¤=»—Con- From Witherspoon, Clarke County, via Round Hill, Tulip, and Leas *“*“°d9 Ferry, to Pine Bluff, in J eiferson County. From Locksburg, Sevier County, via Chapel Hill, to Ultima. Thule. From Ycllville, via Lone Rook, to Sylamore. CALIFORNIA. California; From Volcano to West Point. From Hayden’s (N. O.) to Bernardo. From Upper Lake to Gravelly Valley. From Princeton to Norman. From Anaheim to Westminster From Leesville to Sulphur Creek, Colusa County. From Tehama, via Riceville to Orland. COLORADO. Colorado ; From Red Mountain to Central City. From Fort Lyon to Railroad Station. _ From Palmer to Railroad Station. From Leadville to Aspen. From Villa Grove to Oriental. From Teller to Michigan. From Hayden to Lay, Routt County. From Dillon to Troublesome, Grand County. From Los Pinos to the Grand River Junction. CONNECTICUT. Connootiont; From Ivoryton to· Centre Brook. From Silver Mine to Norwalk. DAKOTA. Dakota; From Utica to Zisker. From Hawlejek to Scotland. From Colfax to McCau1eysville. From Kongsberg to Dwight. From Argersville to Georgetown. From Grandin to Hendrum. From Fort Ransom to Grand Rapids. From Bremer to Stump. From Huron to Plankinton. From Brule City to Chamberlain. From Hartford to Antioch and Lennox. From Clark to Webster. From Gilby to Stickney. From Rosebud to Fort Niobrara, Nebraska. From Sweden to Garfield. From Deadwood to Broughton. From Lisbon to Pineqna. From Lisbon to Hamlin. ` From Hartley to Mapleton. From Alwilda to Aurelia. From Avon to Tyndall. From Colfax to Lisbon. From Plainview to Milltown. From St. Thomas to Pittsburg. From Pembina to West View.