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398 Fonrrsnvnsrrn oononnss. sms. 11. ou. 6, 7. rss:. . HAP. 6.- s a a ’ led "An t to al th d` `m' at-

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fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-two. . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqzresentatires of the United Act repealing States of America in Congress assembled, That the act entitled “An act

:;¤I;;_lg§*;8c gg to repeal the discriminating duties on good: produlcedleasit of She Clppe

f Good H pe ” approved May fourth eig teen un: rec an eig ty-

0 of csgop 3f two, be, and this same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows
1 450 "· That section twenty-five hundred ang one ofltlhe Re;isledbSto.tuBtgs

· · of the United States which reads as o ows: ere s a e ev1 , 4*** P' 5B' collected, and paid ori all goods, wares, and merchandise of the growth or produce of the countries east of the Cape of Good Hope (except wool, raw cotton, and raw silk, as reeled from the cocoon, or not further advanced than tram, thrown, or organzine), when imported from places west of the Cape of Good Hope, a duty often per centum ad valorem in addition to the duties imposed on any such article when imported directly from the place or places of their growth or production be, and the same is hereby, repealed from and after the first day of january, eighteen hundred and eighty-three; and all such goods as may be in public store or warehouse on the first day of January, eighteen hundred and eighty-three, or on shipboard in port, shall be subject to no other duty than if imported after that day.” Approved, December 23, 1882. p8C_ gg, 1g3e_ CHAP. 'l.—An act suthorizingithe board of commissioners of the Soldier·’s Home 4-;-... gr sell certain property at rrodsburg, Kentucky, belonging to the Soldier': 0H1Q. . Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United sm or property States of America in Congress assembled, That the board of commission- 5 Soldiers’bHome ers of thexgoldiefs Hoimeslg, and tllmy are hcretlgy, amtlhorizpl to sellths ¤1‘H» property ongingto e die s ome situa at arro bur Ken- Ky‘ tacky, and known as the Harrodsburg Springs property. gl Time, terms, _ Sec. 2. That said property shall be sold on the premises, and to the @:1 *¤ b• ¤•i*¤¤‘- highest mtd bxt brddaep, lpn a diay to be iigled by the board ug crlrzmisi ‘ sioners, er ey s ave a vert1sed' e time terms an p sale for thirty days in the Louisville Commercial, the Louisville Courier- Journal, and two other papers published in the vicinity of the property: P·’•¤‘*¤¢· Provided, That the commissioners shall be, and hereby are, authorized to withdraw sand property after it shall have been ofered on the day of sale if a satisfactory bid shall not be received, and to readvcrtise said

 for sale as above designated should there be a failure of sale

_ m any cause. rms. Sec. 3, That the said board of commissioners shall sell said property for cash in hand, and that an immediate payment of five hundred dollars shall be paid by the purchaser at said sale, to be deducted from the cash payment to be made by him on delivery of the deed, from which sum all the expenses of the sale shall be deducted in case said purchaser fails to comply with the full terms of the sale within thirty days from §I5,f}.€.§*z“‘°..‘3i"Ei'3.'§"’ti..“”°" if "° '°‘“’"°"i.*‘lf'»1° ’°t'2°“ ""‘Ei“».% ““°3 n · a n pnrc asc-money s a ave cu ’ ' uoard of bommissioners they are directed to make to thelpzirlrchusgrma deed ot conveyance for said property; and when said deed shall have been made and properly acknowledged the United States shall be divested of the title to said property, and the purchaser shall be invested with the full title to the same. . Approved, December 23, 1882.